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Valorant Update: New Patch Notes 1.02 and Ranked Play




Valorant has been going unbelievably well since its official release earlier in June. The game has been in talks during its closed beta process. That’s the appeal of smooth gameplay and innovative character designs.

The 1.02 update, is now live. Riot Games recently launched ranked play in Valorant’s launch edition, and the patch notes provide it fascinating reading for.

Riot said that over the weekend the competitive play will be included with upgrade, but tweeted recently that it would be arriving later.

New Patch Notes 1.02 Updates

The patch makes significant improvements to Viper and minor modifications to Jett, Reyna, and Cypher, and also raises the Bucky’s shotgun penalty for movement accuracy. Maps were slightly modified to place more emphasis on expertise and coordination to manage those areas, and tagging the lag impact felt as the enemy fire hit, was also slightly nerfed.

Although the Ranked play is coming back with this patch, it’s going to go live later. The major update of the patch is the introduction of ranked play into the game’s release version. Although being active during the beta, ranked play was stopped at launch to allow Riot Games a chance to refine the program. Also to give new gamers who weren’t in beta an opportunity to practice the game before going to ranked play.

The game’s top position is now called Radiant. Back in the beta version, it was confusedly referred to as Valorant, and was mocked by many fans. Upon listening to the Riot Games reviews, they agreed to change the name and even changed the logos for the ranked badges.

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The update has changed the slowing impact that players face when struck by missiles. This tweak will increase opportunities to escape while under fire. Several map coordinates have also been updated to provide players with further clearance angles for those areas.

Valorant patch 1.02 has introduced numerous changes to HUD & UI, consistency enhancements, and a variety of bug fixes. The 1.02 patch also allows some stability changes and bug fixes and leaves a few problems that will be dealt with later.

For the patch notes visit on playvalorant site.

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