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Walker: Independence: Release Date, Plot, Cast and more!

Walker: Independence is an action-period drama based on the infamous television series, Walker. The former serves as s prequel to the latter, and both the shows are developed by Anna Fricke. Walker: Independence owns its writing credits to Seamus Fahey and who is also the executive producer of the show alongside Anna Fricke, Jared Padalecki, Dan Lin, Lindsey Liberatore, Laura Terry, and Larry Teng. Keep reading to know more about the upcoming spinoff series.

Walker: Independence: Plot and Cast

The story dates back to the last 1800s and revolves around Abby Walker, a well-off widowed Bostonian who had to witness the murder of her husband that took place during their trek at West. The need for revenge consumed her from the day of the happening. In her quest for retribution, she comes across Hoyt Rawlins, a charming rogue wandering to find purpose, and both of them soon land in Independence, Texas. There they meet a diverse group of people who are hiding their evil selves and running away from their disturbing past. In such a town, Abby and Hoyt attempt to follow their dreams and do everything while transcending into agents who bring about some significant change. Having all said, Independence is the town that contains the murderer of Abby’s husband in the form of its sheriff.

The cast of Walker: Independence includes Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker, Matt Barr as Hoyt Rawlins, Katie Findlay as Kate, Gabriela Quezada as Lucia Montero, Brandon Sklenar as Liam, Lawrence Kao as Kai, Greg Hovanessian as Tom Davidson, Philemon Chambers as Augustus, Justin Johnson Cortez as Calian, and Santiago Segura as Luis Reyes.

Walker: Independence: Release Date

Walker: Independence releases on October 6, 2022, Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW. The episodes will be launched on a weekly basis with one new episode arriving every Thursday. 

Walker: Independence: Trailer

Check out the official trailer of Walker: Independence by clicking the tab below:

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