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What went wrong with ’90 Day Fiance’ star Sojaboy?




Image source: TLC

With the worldwide spread of COVID-19, it is not irrational to panic when you see the slightest symptoms. And if we talk about the symptoms of the flu, they are kind of the same, and one cannot detect what is actually wrong. Such happened with the 90 Day Fiance star Sojaboy a.k.a Usman. On Wednesday 22nd, Usman took to Instagram and posted about his deteriorating health, that he wasn’t keeping up well and asked his fans to pray for him.  Everyone did pray for his well-being. But no one was sure what was wrong. And eventually, some rival bloggers saw the opportunity and started discussing his illness and fuelled the fire of rumors.

90 Day Fiance has been a very popular show and gained much limelight. Sojaboy, who is known for his singing skills, had a connection with one of the participants, Lisa Renee, and their partnership had been much discussed and been controversial and fans opined that Lisa is the best match for Usman. It seems like their relationship is not only restricted to on-camera but off-camera as well. She posted on her Instagram story informing that Usman is doing fine and threw tantrums and slammed those bloggers who rumored about Sojaboy’s so-called coronavirus. Relationships are crazy.


The fans are happy and relieved to know that he is safe and sound and distaste the whole rumor situation. Prayers really worked, huh?

High fever, body ache, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, all come with flu, malaria, and COVID-19. The initial symptoms are the same and hence confusion arises. But one should not take it lightly. Corona or not, go to the doctor immediately and get yourself tested. It will not only save your life but also those around you. The worst cases are from Italy, Spain, Britain, France, and especially the USA. Do not stop out of the house and strictly follow the prevention rules. Stay safe.

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