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Wreckfest launches it’s Summer Smasher Tournament! It’s available now!




Wreckfest Summer Smasher

Wreckfest is a racing game created by Bugbear Entertainment and released by THQ Nordic. A noteworthy aspect of the game engine is the use of modeling soft-body impact. It allows for location-based damage which realistically affects the driving dynamics of vehicles.

It is one of the best car games released at the moment, and creator Bugbear Entertainment is working tirelessly to make sure that remains so.

Wreckfest has a variety of game modes and activities from driving lawnmowers to monster trucks, usually geared at getting fun watching the sophisticated vehicle destruction mechanisms at play.

About The Tournament

Bugbear Entertainment announced the announcement of their revamped Summer Smasher game. Fans will now take their vengeance on the AI and unleash chaos with the new harvester called Hellvester. Hellvester is now working in the tournament shop as a new reward ride.

This tournament is free of charge. New activities are now open. Anyone who owns a game on a PC or a console may join in the fun and attempt to unlock a special vehicle.

For the newest Summer Smasher Tournament, players are faced with a whole new range of challenges to accomplish in Wreckfest to unlock the behemoth of a new car called the Hellvester.

Wreckfest Summer Smasher

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Bugbear Entertainment has already outdone the new game and since then the developer has released daily game patches and DLC packs that have introduced new vehicles, tracks, and improvements to the game since it was released.

Wreckfest Key Features

Awesome Vehicles – Vintage, banged-up, patched-together, trendy vehicles!

Major modifications – not only change the appearance of the vehicles but improve their body armor as well.

Multiplayer – Smash your mates online and sprint to the limit while pursuing supremacy over demolition!

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