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Xiaomi’s ShareSave e-commerce app lets you buy China exclusive products



Xiaomi today launched a new e-commerce app that lets you purchase ecosystem devices and products exclusive to China. The Chinese manufacturer has backed so many products from water bottles to toothbrushes, desk lamps, and smart bulbs. The company’s aim is to expand the reach of its ecosystem products.


The ShareSave app is first launched in the Indian market with more markets expected to follow later. Other e-commerce platforms like Amazon might already have some of these products but the cost of importing has to be bear by the customer. The ShareSave app brings a unique approach to buying goods and giving plenty of opportunities to cut cost on the product.


The amount that you will save will depend on the purchase mode. “Pair-up” mode lets you join up with your friend for buying another of the same item and get a discount. “Drop” will let you save the entire cost of the item if you can convince enough of your friends in your group to buy. Another “Kickstart” mode lets you contribute a small amount of money to the start-up and earn up to 10 times the amount back when it is fully funded.

ShareSave ShareSave

Xiaomi with its unique ecosystem model has incubated and partnered with more than 100 IoT and lifestyle companies. With more than 132 million connected devices which excludes smartphones and laptop, the company earns the title of the world’s largest consumer IoT platform,

Coming back to ShareSave, it will allow the customers to enjoy the same products from Mainland China with full local support such as after-sales services and home delivering at the honest process. Since the project is at its early, you might not find what you are looking for right away. The app is available for download from the Play Store by Indian customers and checks out the products available.


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