You Need to Watch This Movies Based on Card Games

Card games are some of the oldest gambling games in the world, which fascinate players of all ages. Games such as blackjack, poker, and baccarat are interesting to play and watch the process from the sidelines. Unlike other gambling games, here everything will depend not only on luck and chance but also on the skills of the player, the correctly chosen strategy, etc.

If you like this kind of game, you’ll love our selection of movies. Most pictures were made in the 90s, but they are still relevant today. In each film, you will find an ineffable atmosphere of casinos, high stakes, and gambling.


The plot revolves around the story of Mike McDermott. He is played by the notorious Matt Damon in this movie. 

Mike is in law school and spends his free time recklessly playing poker. The young guy aspires to fame, grandiose tournaments, and no less big money. If you’d like to give it a shot yourself, you can try it out on this page.

But everything turned upside down when he loses a decisive game to a criminal mastermind Teddy KGB. Mike has to part with the last of his money in order to pay off the winner. It’s not surprising that after this, the main character decides to give up gambling forever and return to his studies.

Mike’s measured life is interfered with by his childhood friend Lester, who gets out of prison with a huge baggage of gambling debts. Mike must bail out his old friend. He has only one chance – to fight Teddy KGB again, but this time to win the tournament.

The main feature of the film is that it talks about hands in poker in quite some detail. The explanations will be understandable even for beginners. And the picture also got 7.3 points out of 10 in the IMDb rating.

Casino Royale

One of the most famous card game movies, Casino Royale, can’t stay away from our top list. Here you will find real luxury of gambling halls, games with high stakes, and, of course, the famous secret agent James Bond played by Daniel Craig.

This part of the Agent 007 saga focuses on a major poker tournament held at the Casino Royale. In the film, James Bond must not only beat the mafioso Le Chiffre at the card table, but also hide the activities of a major terrorist organization. In Casino Royale, the poker game scenes are shot very realistically.


Whereas the previous two films were about poker, the 21st focuses on blackjack. The film stars Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne, and other equally outstanding actors. By the way, the movie is based on real events.

In the story, math student Ben Campbell receives an invitation to attend Harvard Medical School but does not have $300,000 to pay his tuition. Ben has good grades, so he applies for a scholarship but faces stiff competition.

University professor Mickey Rosa becomes interested in the boy’s outstanding mathematical abilities. He invites him to join a blackjack team that wins by counting cards. The students prepare to pick up their biggest winnings at a Las Vegas casino.


A 2014 film directed by Rupert Wyatt in the thriller and crime genre. Initially, it may seem that the film is similar to Twenty-One, but we assure you it is not. 

‘Player’ is not only about gambling, but gambling addiction too. The movie is about Jim Bennett (played by Mark Wahlberg), who simultaneously works as a literature teacher and visits casinos at night. There’s a lot to see here: Bennett’s double life, a strained relationship with his mother, teaching college,  an affair with a student, gambling itself, and money the main character owed to gangsters. 

Although some reviews say, there is little drive there. For some, the movie may seem sluggish, but if you have yet to see it, give it a try.

Molly’s Game

Another movie based on a true story of the athlete Molly Bloom, who did not make the Olympic team and decided to organize her underground gambling business. For a long time, it flourished, and many famous showbiz stars, athletes, business tycoons went to play in her illegal casino.

Everything fell apart when the FBI became interested in Molly Bloom. A large-scale study was launched against the girl. The raid on the underground casino occurred at night when gambling was in its peak.

The Cincinnati Kid

The film is also based on true events and tells the story of Eric Stoner. Although in the gaming world, he is better known as the Cincinnati Kid. Eric does his best to improve his skills and become a better poker player.

The main goal is to beat Lancy “The main” Howard, considered the more authoritative player. Very soon, Eric can sit down with Lancy at the poker table. An epic poker showdown awaits both players, who will be looking to perform at their best.

Bottom line

All the movies that you saw here can be safely called classics of the gaming genre. They are very realistic stories about casinos and card games in particular. In these movies, you will find a fascinating and exciting plot and an excellent cast with a bunch of legendary names.


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