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Know about YourTruBigga, The Melting Pot of Hip-Hop




In a sea of similar-sounding hip-hop artists, YourTruBigga brings the gift of uniqueness and unpredictability.

The artist had a love for hip-hop since he was a kid. He wrote his first rhyme when he was just nine. However, after N.W.A. brought the Gangsta Rap era, rap was practically banned in his devout Christian household. While he continued dabbling with hip-hop and R&B throughout his school years, it was at college when he truly blossomed. He was surrounded by hip-hop culture at Florida A&M University, and it was there that he decided to take the genre seriously. He enrolled in a hip-hop course during his freshman year. The rest was one long journey.

It is really hard to define YourTruBigga’s music style. He has been influenced by a number of artists, including 2Pac, Nas, Jay Z, BustaRhymes, Mobb Deep, and Wu-Tang. He also studies and learns the production styles from Dr. Dre, Jermaine Dupri, Neptunes, Timbaland and many others. This has rendered his style a melting pot of hip-hop. Even his name symbolizes this fusion. Robert D. Hurst has been a huge fan of The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z, who were affectionately called Biggie and Jigga respectively. That’s how YourTruBigga was born.

The artist has been following a careful plan to make it big in the industry. First, he launched UndaSound Intertainment, his own label to take his destiny into his hands. He has been working on the first album under the label titled ‘Undacover Bo$$’. The album reflects his own struggles, the up and downs, and the search for the meaning of life. Each song reflects something true and relatable for those who come from a similar background. For instance, ‘Groundhog Day’ is a song about the hustle to make it big – the repetitive, never-ending cycle of hard work that ultimately pays off.

YoursTruBigga considers himself a student of the game. His hybrid style is what makes him unique and fresh. You can never guess the style of the next track due to his sheer unpredictability. Authenticity is one of the core virtues of the artist’s work ethic. He believes in creating something magnificent from the simplest of tools. Just like a painter who can create masterpieces with just a brush and some colors, he too desires to create memorable music from his words and images.

He also believes in teamwork and giving back to the community. He has a strong fondness for Tampa Bay, his home turf, which he believes is bustling with talent. Hence, he is always ready to collaborate with other artists to offer them more recognition. YoursTruBigga is also a great fan of sports, particularly his favorite team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He wanted to give something special to the team and its numerous fans; that’s how ‘Buccaneers Roll’ was made. The song focuses on the struggle and the triumph of the team, something that will fill the chest of any fan with pride. The song is streaming on Amazon and Apple Music.

YourTruBigga has a long way to go, but he seems set to triumph all the way.

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