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Stuck With You Season 2: Release Date, Details, Trailer, and More!



Stuck with you season 2


Created by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, and starring Arthur Clark, Tammy Townsend, Timon Kyle Durrett, “Stuck With You” is a UMC original series that centers a celebrity couple, Candace and Luvell’s whose model marriage falls apart, but they decide to try to protect their brand and status by holding off on divorce while living separate lives. The show first broadcast on February 13, 2020.


Tammy Townsend and Timon Kyle Durrett as Candace and Luvell, a celebrity couple who seem like the definition of #relationshipgoals, at least on paper — they’ve even published a bestseller called CandyLuv. Behind all the carefully crafted PR, though, the two “lovebirds” are actually living completely separate lives.


The latest season premiered on Thursday, May 6, 2021, on ALLBLK.

Candace (Tammy Townsend) and Luvell (Timon Kyle Durrett), finally decide to move forward with their separation…until a new celebrity couple enters the scene threatening to take their throne, diminish their brand, and rob them of a career defining opportunity. Now, the show’s storybook celebrity couple will have to work harder than ever to fake their loving image. However, Luvell is focused on balancing a blooming romance, leaving Candace torn between what her heart wants, and what her career needs.


“In Season 1 of Stuck With You, audiences followed along the dysfunctional rollercoaster ride that is ‘CandyLuv’ as they figured out how to move forward with their troubled marriage,” says Brett Dismuke, Chief Content Officer of UMC. “Now with the addition of ‘The Parkers’ to the storyline for Season 2, viewers are in for a whole new level of drama as these two celebrity couples battle it out for the #relationshipgoals title.”

Show creator Patricia Cuffie-Jones added “The new additions to this season will take the lives of our characters as we know them and flip them completely upside down. From first introductions to rekindling old flames, morals will be tested and temptations heightened as ‘The Parkers’ give our protagonists a run for their money. I’ve been a fan of Vivica’s forever and I’m honored to have her join our cast and bring in a new level of flavor that will have audiences in for quite the ride.”

Where can I watch “Stuck With You”?

Exclusively available for streaming on ALLBLK. You can also watch the show on Prime Video (cancel anytime), Sling TV, and YouTube (free trial).

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