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Alexandra Daddario: Superheroes or Villain We would like her to play!




All these nerds! They love Daddario for all the wrong reasons. She is a perfect choice for a skilled and famous Superhero, c’mon guys learn to appreciate other things in a woman. She has already played the daughter of a warrior goddess, rescue pilot, and a lifeguard, so she has all the “genes” to save the world. An actress of her caliber and fame usually gets a Superhero role in the peak of her career. Although she has already voiced “The Wasp” in “Marvel Avengers Academy” and will be voicing Louis Lane in the next animated “Superman”, fans love her sight on screen and so we thought about all the characters Daddario could play in a Marvel or even DC franchise. Here are some of them:-


Zatanna Zatara is a magician and a superhero from DCs “Justice League Dark”, she fights crimes and various other creatures who are ill-fated to demolish peace and creep around in the night. Daddario has already played Half-human and Half-Goddess in Percy Jackson: The Lightning Theif, so she knows how to do a perfect magic trick and fighting demons would be a lot easier for her as she has already done that in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.


Tigra is a hybrid of a human and a tiger (also cats in some versions) featuring in Marvel comics. With Tigra, Marvel can find a masterful replacement for Kristen Wiig as “Cheetah” in Wonder Woman 1984. Just looking at Greer Nelson’s imagery tells you that Daddario might fit in this role.

     Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy first appeared onscreen as a green hot monster who uses plants to kill humans in “Batman and Robin”, with “The Batman” reboot we can surely expect a Poison Ivy character and Daddario might just be the actress who could play a dangerous yet sexy villainess opposite to Robert Pattison.


You cannot miss the eccentric performance of Daddario as a fit and energetic lifeguard in “Baywatch”, and a stealthy crime lord in “San Andreas”. These are the kinds of roles one needs to master for playing Bruce Banner’s lawyer cum crime-fighter cousin “She-Hulk” who is getting her own series on Disney+. Many of us think that Daddario might be the best candidate for the role among others.

The 34-year-old actress has garnered much acclaim for her performances across both TV and cinema, she has been acting since the age of 16 and now we think is the perfect time for her to get a role that might make her both famous and a hero among her fans.

I do not hate people, but I despise their existence. Hi, I’m an actor, writer, poet, visual artist, a man of science and also the least favourite person in my family. Our beloved Hemingway, once said "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." I believed in this quote humbly, truly and faithfully, now I have Anemia. I hope you like my works and if you do then please tell the President about it (seriously, all we want is fame).

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