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Get To Know “Are.O” (AKA- RockstarRican) While He’s On The Rise



In the last decade, Internet has offered a lot of promising young talents to find their own voices. It is perhaps this phenomenon that allowed rising artist Are.O, also known as RockstarRican, to become the star he is.

Are.O/RockstarRican is a rapper and singer who has been making waves in the hip hop genre recently. His latest single “Hot Hot” has been finding great success due to its trendy, catchy hook. But there is a lot more to this young artist than catchy beats. Nor is he someone who wants to last only as long as the latest social media trend. The rapper has a soundscape that is filled with musical fervor and a passion for authenticity. It is no surprise that in the modern-day hip hop scene, which is filled with similar-sounding artists and their adherence to a fixed formula, he is willing to experiment and bring out something fresh.

The artist is genuinely what you could describe as “self-made”. He has no music labels, production houses, or even a manager to back him. With just a studio set up in his bedroom and a love of the field, he creates music that made him one of the most promising young names in hip hop. While he has been creating music for many years now, including “Tik Tok”, the artist really blew up only last year. While the world was grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, music emerged as a balm for many. It was then when his EP “Extraterrestrial” clicked with many people. So far, it has been streamed more than 150k times on various platforms.

He was born Rominique Thompson in Richmond, VA on April 3, 1996. He grew up listening to the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne, and Boosie – an influence that is clearly visible in his music. He wanted to make a career in music since a young age. In 2016, he recorded his first song in a music idea, and it was love at first sight. From then on, there was nothing he desired more than having his own recording studio. By working extra jobs and some help from his family, he saved money and bought the necessary recording equipment. This is how he set up a mini-studio in his own bedroom. It is from this bedroom where he recorded his first single, “Rock”. But perhaps even the young artist had not anticipated what fame awaited him when he uploaded a snipped of the song on Instagram. Within days, the clip went viral and garnered more than 300k views. This was when he decided to make music his career path.

But what really drives the young artist? Well, there are many things. Are.O/RockstarRican is a firm believer in self-improvement. Unlike many other young artists, who consider self-sufficient and never bother to evolve, he is constantly trying to learn new things. For him, his music is the incarnation of his own mind. In other words, his music is weaved with the threads of his thoughts and imagination. Things are never easy for an independent artist in the dog-eat-dog world of the music industry. But he believes that every little success he has will pave the way for him to realize his true destiny.

With the success of his recent music, the young artist has no intention of slowing down. He announced his next project will be a collaboration with Felie540, who is a popular artist on TikTok and whose music has collectively gained more than 1 million streams. Are.O/RockstarRican is not one of the most promising talents in Richmond, Virginia, but also in the whole country. He has the potential to become a major global breakthrough. Here’s hoping that the young artist finds the spot he deserves in the global music world.

You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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