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House of Ho Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and more!




The HBO Max’s, House of Ho, is returning with a second season. Executive produced by Stephanie Bloch Chambers, Nick Lee, and Katy Wallin, the docu-reality TV series, House of Ho Season 2, is expected to be even more dramatic and filled with entertainment than its previous season. Additionally and rather, quite importantly, another element that the creators have promised with more is the ‘Ho’s. Keep reading to know more about the upcoming season of House of Ho.

House of Ho Season 2: Plot and Cast

The reality show revolves around the lives Hos, a wealthy American family of Vietnamese ancestry who presently resides in Houston, Texas, and is the owner of a multimillion-dollar empire. Mostly comprising love and conflict drama, this incredibly entertaining reality show incorporates the struggle for power and family drama between Binh and Hue, the proud immigrant parents who nailed the American-ness and never fail to control their adult children’s lives, who go by the names of Washington and Judy. The children, on the other hand, are always under immense pressure to live up to their parent’s never-fulfilling expectations. With this and often visits from their all-the-more dramatic extended family and relatives, the house of the Hos is naturally bursting with love, laughter, and needless to mention, exclusive handbags, 24*7.

The primary cast of House of Ho Season 2 includes Binh Ho, Hue Ho, Washington Ho, Lesley Ho, Judy Ho, Nate Nguyễn, Aunt Tina, and Cousin Sammy Finch, all as self. The cast also includes Bella Ho and Kim Ho, Vanessa Kon, Tammy Gee, Carlton Kon, and Tran Nguyễn.

House of Ho Season 2: Release Date

House of Ho Season 2 is all set to premiere on August 25, 2022, on HBO Max. The show comprises ten episodes, three of which are to be launched on the day of its release, followed by another three new episodes on September 1, 2022, and lastly, the four remaining episodes on September 8, 2022.

House of Ho Season 2: Trailer

Check out the official trailer of House of Ho Season 2 by clicking the link below:


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