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Interview with Adventurer Tristan Hamm





Tristan Hamm is an adventurer and great outdoor personality based in California.

What part of Canada are you from?

I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, then my family moved to A small town of 10k People “Winkler, Manitoba”. I grew up here until I was 16 years old where I took off to join the pipeline and started traveling all across Canada. Half my family lives in Whitehorse, Yukon, where I have been traveling to every year for fishing, Hunting, and wood chopping season since I was 18.

Has COVID affected outdoor-focused travel differently than “regular” travel?

The outdoors community really hasn’t been effective. The outdoors community is very respectful and mindful to others, you can’t hold these communities down but they will always respect you. You won’t see a decrease in traffic to those areas. What you will see is adventurers and outdoorsmen/women rocking a mask, keeping distance, or just more spread out than they traditionally would be.

As for the “Business” side of the outdoor community… That has surged dramatically! It’s now nearly impossible to rent an RV, a 4×4 vehicle, a boat, or an ATV / UTV. The business has absolutely blown up, in a good way for the adventure companies such as us. But with a largely positive, follows a negative. Which is why it is so important that we prioritize things such as leave no trace, or our movement at Revived of “Explore don’t exploit!”

Your marketing company Revived Media sprang from the COVID crisis. Was it out of necessity or did the changing business landscape allow you to shift some of your focus onto other projects?

With the industry coming to a full stop, as a company we needed to spread our wings to survive. Being that the social and production side of our business is so strong, we knew we had to utilize that resource by offering it to companies that could still be in operation. Though my production company has been around for years, this enabled us to put a large focus into it. One that enabled us to find an entirely new approach to running trips and actually granting us the ability to start offering FREE trips to individuals as a way to give back during COVID 19, to help people get outdoors and fight mental illness spreading like rapid fire. – I would love to talk more about this with you**

How has marketing and Social Media, in particular, changed due to COVID?

I don’t think that COVID has had much of an effect, but what I do know is that the world has now molded to it. And the companies that didn’t take advantage of it in the early days are now scrambling to get into their customer’s eye before they have no customers left. COVID has shined a very bright and literal light on the importance of being on your customer’s phone. Now, a lot of companies were already there, but their ads, posts, or approach, in general, were just not working. Our methods are proven and have helped companies convert to the millions. Our system works, and that’s why we are able to offer this service to some already very strong brands to help excel where they are at.

What are your thoughts about business changes during COVID; do you think businesses will revert back to pre-COVID, once COVID settles down, or will they keep the new model(s) of doing business?

The business will never be conducted the same ever again. Of course, you will always have your drop off, but those folks are still working that way. Eventually, it will die off. But the future is here and this is just a wake-up call. It’s only going to go even more online, and more remote.

What is your best advice for middle-aged people like me (ok, maybe a little more than middle-aged) who haven’t really been adventurous before, but want to try?

If you’re still breathing my friend, you are young and have endless time. To that, I say just get out there. Just like you had to do to be such a talented writer, you had to pick up a pen and grab your paper. I suggest starting small. When I get this question, it normally means that someone is itching to get out there and find that feeling that they feel they are missing. This is the majority of our guests at Revived Outdoors. They have always seen these things, witnessed the smiles and heard the stories, and are always left with the feeling of “I want that”. So, your urge is there… Now my question would be this simple: Mountains or ocean? Sunrise or Sunset? Pick one of each, set an alarm on your calendar tonight or tomorrow morning, leave your phone at home, and do it when that alarm goes off. No excuses. Everything else will fall in place from there.

You can check out her blog and his Instagram.


Editor-in-Chief at DroidJournal. A tech-enthusiast, guitarist, and an anime fanboy!

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