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Meet Nathan’s brother, The Emerging Artist and One-Man Band





How many artists make a band? Just one, better known as Nathan’s Brother.

The one thing that Nathan’s Brother prides more than anything else is being a one-man-band. Bands are usually a team collaboration, with each member having a distinct role within it. However, bands are also often the root cause of jealousy, overshadowing and conflict – as we have seen in numerous famous bands over the years. Nathan’s Brother didn’t want any of that, so he decided to take things in his own hand.

But surely, the term “one-man” must be an exaggeration, right? Well, no. Nathan’s Brother began as a trained guitar and bass guitar player. He later learnt drums and also took vocal lessons to become a trained singer. He also occasionally included the piano, which he plays as an amateur. But wait, this is not the end of his talents. Nathan’s Brother also writes his own songs as well as does the recording and mixing. In short, the young artist capably performs every aspect of a full band single-handedly. Now you know the moniker “one-man-band” was spot-on.

Speaking of Spot On, it was also the name of Nathan’s Brother debut album. The album was a true display of the artist’s prowess as a singer and a musician, capably handling every aspect of the song. The success of his debut album has undoubtedly filled his heart with joy, but he wants to keep things slow. Currently, he is focusing on the promotions and videos of his latest album. But maybe later, he will surely create follow-up albums for his numerous new fans.

For many artists, fame is the driving force towards success; they want to be popular across every corner that matters. For this young artist, fame was never a factor. In fact, the reclusive artist didn’t even bother to use his real name before shooting into the spotlight. The story behind the stage name “Nathan’s Brother” is also an interesting one. Before starting his career as a professional singer, the young artist wondered about keeping a stage persona. But most stage names were either too common or too pretentious. His own name was, in his words, “too long and too Dutch”. Ultimately, after much deliberation, the name Nathan’s Brother was chosen. Why you might wonder? Well, because he had a brother named Nathan! Maybe Oxford Dictionary should include Nathan’s Brother as an example under the word “simplicity”.

Nathan’s Brother hails from Haarlem in The Netherlands. His dream for music initially began as just a fun hobby. It was cultivated during his long rides home from school listening to his favourite songs. Like many other young kids, he too created a band in his school days out of nothing but sheer desire to have some fun. He still cherishes those jamming sessions with friends many years ago. But after the failure of many bands and projects, he realized that he must take destiny in his own hands. Today, he creates music not for the fun of it, but out of his love for art.

The young artist has listened to and influenced by a wide variety of music. From classical music to heavy metal, Nathan’s Brother takes inspiration from everything. One thing that he particularly loves is the vocal quality of a song; for him, vocalists are the real stars of a song. He also doesn’t prefer music created by machines (like EDM), but he is not averse to using it when the song demands it.

Like any other artists, his path was never without challenges. Nathan’s Brother attributes Buddhism for teaching him values like patience and living in the present, which helped him overcome these challenges. When he creates music, he prefers getting immersed in the process without worrying about the deadline or the end product. Lastly, humility is something that the young artist cherishes over everything else. He doesn’t believe that he is the best at what he does, not by a long shot. But he recognizes that music is highly subjective. As long as he could create music others could enjoy, he would consider his work worth the efforts.

You can read more about Nathan’s Brother on his website or check his spotlight video by IndieArtist. You can also follow him on Instagram and his Vevo on Youtube.


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