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MikeyBadAss enters 2021 with a renewed focus on dominance



The road to greatness begins with many runners and ends with a select few. Endurance requires rigorous training, supreme discipline, unshakable faith in oneself, and tunnel vision. The pursuit of success involves deep pain, unthinkable obstacles, extreme disadvantages, and no road signs of direction. Millions of people start businesses every year, and over 90% close their company’s within 12 months.    

Creating a company from scratch, developing consistent public demand, and being transformative is not for the light-hearted. Every day requires a ‘cheetah-type’ speed of pursuit, lion-heart, and eagle-eye vision to stay focused on the mission.    

Millions of indie artists run daily on the narrow and cramped road to Hip-Hop glory. Being considered amongst premium acts in music, touring worldwide, signing autographs, dominating FM radio, and driving foreign cars is the vision artists chase within their minds.      

There are no guarantees, rules of engagement, or training classes on securing the bag in rap culture. Most artists get sidetracked, derailed, or completely stopped in their path to stardom because of the snakes, scam artists, and culture vultures seeking indie’s blood.  Major Recording Artist MikeyBadAss is cut from a different cloth and believes in only betting on himself.      

From childhood, MikeyBadAss understood his purpose and got married to Hip-Hop since he was a teenager. MikeyBadAss launched a record label, TV & Film production entity, and music publishing company. MikeyBadAss’s vision is powered by creating a financially secure world for his son. The passion for music connects with his ingenuity and unconventional inventiveness.    

The music of MikeyBadAss contains elements of uncensored humanity, epic storytelling, and street dreams. 2020 was a year of reflection and refinement for MikeyBadAss. In 2021 he’s more determined than ever to lay more bricks on his legacy foundation and protect his son’s future.   

Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream media outlets and Chief Visionary Officer of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE Magazine. 

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