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Smoove Gotti heads into 2022 with unflinching vision





As a result of transforming the realities of pain and injustice into aspirational lyrics, the God-given creative talent among black people has been illuminated.

Lyrically composing lyrics about hope and dreams for the future on a piece of notebook paper represents the essence of Hip-Hop’s phenomenon. Seeing a young and hungry artist rap uncensored truths about their personal life in an acapella format is one of the most captivating experiences in music.

Being the only music genre that affects every race and ethnicity worldwide, Rap music is truly unique in every aspect. Hip-Hop music resonates with youth culture and provides aspirational visions of change.

Rap music transformed from human beat-boxing to becoming a universal phenomenon. Seeing children from every corner of the globe recite rap lyrics from their iPhone is a transformative movement.

Recording Artist/Multi-Platform Entrepreneur Smoove Gotti has his own unique style and voice to the Hip-Hop industry. Analyzing Smoove Gotti’s music journey, people quickly identify with his pain, purpose, and vision. Listening to Smoove Gotti’s music in real-time creates a unique euphoria and compels people to challenge their deepest uncertainties.

Many people start the race for greatness, but only a select few will remain mentally strong and dedicated to its completion.

A listen to Smoove Gott’s lyrics helps us remember why we should never settle for anything in life and never let fear control our lives. Storytelling adds significant mass appeal to Smoove Gott’s music, making his rap delivery unique.

Smoove Gotti music grind is relentless and his vision is unstoppable. Smoove Gotti inked a strategic music monetization deal with RADIOPUSHERS. RADIOPUSHERS creates unconventional music monetization strategies for progressive entrepreneurs.

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