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Step by Step Guide to Writing a Film Essay





A film essay is one of the best college assignments that you’ll ever write. We all love watching movies. And you likely have a list of your favorite movies. Your list might comprise documentaries, classics, or thrillers. Or, your tutor might assign a particular film for you to review.

Part of the assignment involves watching the movie and writing an essay about your views. While it all sounds easy, most students find themselves staring at a blank computer screen not knowing where to start. If you want to save time and get good grades while writing a film essay, this article is for you. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing a film essay.

Defining a film analysis essay

A film analysis essay is an academic paper that requires you to watch a particular movie and focus on its key characteristics such as structure, genre, and context to name a few. To get good grades, you need to formulate a logical argument and support it with clear examples.

Writing a film analysis

As we said earlier, writing a film analysis essay might seem like a simple task. However, most students struggle to write well and get good grades. Here are a few simple steps that you should follow.

  1. Read and understand the instructions

Do not ignore reading the instructions prepared by your tutor. The last thing you want to happen is to write your paper only to discover that you did the opposite in the end. If there’s a guideline that you don’t understand, you should seek help immediately. Understanding the instructions will boost your productivity and performance.

  1. Watch the movie

While this is an obvious step, most students end up skipping it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever watched the movie. When the professor requires you to write a film essay, you need to watch it. Watching the film will allow you to focus on the important elements. Watching the movie also allows you to use various parts of the film as examples. You’ll get to explore various themes in your plan. Some of the elements that you should focus on when writing your essay include:

  • The plot
  • Stylistic elements employed
  • Musical elements
  • Execution of various scenarios
  1. Create an outline

After watching the movie, you’ll need to create a clear outline. An outline acts as a map during the essay writing process to ensure that you stay on track. Your outline should have:

  • An intro: In your intro, you should include the title, producer, and release date. Apart from that, you need to present the main idea together with the thesis statement.
  • Summary: This section requires you to write an overview of the key concepts that can be found in the movie. They include the who, why, what, where, and when. You also need to include the how together with anything that relates to the style and structure.
  • Analysis: This represents the body of your essay and includes an analysis of the movie, what you loved, and any material that supports your views. You also need to discuss whether the director of the movie achieved their objectives.
  • Conclusion: In this section, you need to state the thesis statement. And provide an overview of the concepts in a convincing manner. You also need to include a call to action that will encourage the reader to watch the movie.
  1. Write your intro

By reading UK essay writing service essays, you’ll realize that your introduction should contain some important elements of the film. They include the title, release date, and director’s name to name a few. This information helps the reader familiarize themselves with the primary information. You also need to research the filmmaker as this will allow you to discover key insights for your analysis. Don’t forget to mention the central theme of the movie and also explain your focus.

  1. Write the summary

The movie summary should come after the intro. It needs to include the basic premise of the film. However, it doesn’t have to reveal a lot of details about the film. After all, it’s a summary. Write the summary in such a way that will keep the readers engaged before you start mentioning the plot.

  1. Write the film analysis

This is one of the most important parts of your academic paper. You need to state your impressions about the film and support your claims with important materials. There are some important elements that you should focus on when watching the movie to have an easy time writing the analysis. They include the scenario, directing, acting, and key visual elements. Ensure that all elements that you analyze are connected to the thesis statement.


You should persuasively summarize your key concepts to support your thesis statement and encourage readers to watch the movie. Don’t forget to proofread and edit your paper. Proofreading is a must if you want to get good grades. Finally, seeking help from experts can help you save a lot of time and energy.  


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