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The 100 Has A New Character And Does That Pave The Way For Bellamy’s Return?




There’s a new character in The 100 and fans are wondering if that paves the way for Bellamy’s return! Bellamy Blake, the show’s male lead has been missing for most of season 7. Fans can’t help but wonder what happened to him. The fifth episode of season 7, ‘Welcome To Bardo’ provides some clues indicating that Bellamy may return! The details and images of the episode show that he might return because of a new character, played by Neal McDonough.

The 100

Neal McDonough is famous for his role as Damien Darhk on Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow. He is also known for his portrayal of Lieutenant Lynn “Buck” Compton in HBO’s Band Of Brothers.

What Character Will McDonough Play In The 100?

Neal McDonough is said to play the character of Anders in the show. Anders is believed to be the leader of the Disciples. The Disciples believe that there will be “the war to end all wars” and worship Eligius III. They are from the planet Bardo and use their technology to control the Anomaly and use the Anomaly stones.

This is one of the pictures of McDonough as Anders from The 100! He is seen examining an Anomaly stone in the picture, probably on Bardo.

Bellamy is assumed to be kept prisoner on Bardo by the Disciples. The show has also given clues that Bardo is a place where you can tamper with memories. This gives fans all the more reason to be excited about the fifth episode, “Welcome To Bardo“! Maybe, we will finally get some clues about our beloved Bellamy.

Anders And Octavia Are Seen Together In A Picture!

Anders and Octavia(played by Marie Avgeropoulos) are seen together in the same picture! What does this mean? According to sources, the official description of the fifth episode says that “Octavia gets to know a whole new world.” This could mean that Octavia is probably in Bardo. Wherever they are is possibly where Bellamy is kept. Anders is probably paving the way to Bellamy Blake!

Hopefully, this episode reveals some clues about Bellamy, courtesy Anders. Do you think Anders has anything to do with Bellamy? Is Anders a ‘one episode’ character in the seventh season of The 100? Let’s hope our questions get answered tonight, June 17 at 8 pm ET on The CW!

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