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Toronto’s DJ Vin believes nothing should stop you from following your passion!





Spotify has emerged as a wide sea of music from various genres since its global exposure over the past few years. Apart from enjoying music from your own region, you can tune in to any music from any part of the globe, in any language. And they don’t always need to be a tune too, one can plug into podcasts on various topics as well. That’s when we stumbled upon a DJ hailing from Toronto who already has over 250k streams on Spotify. Meet DJ Vin, a.k.a Vineet Korpal who delve into the class of Hip-Hop. We literally grooved to his music, and hence, thought of digging up some of his background details. After knowing him, you might also fall in love with him too, just like we did.

DJ Vin has already started working with many big artists like WHY-G earlier this year and opened for artists at shows such as Roy Woods and Yung Tory. He had also been playing in many clubs in Toronto such as Lost and Found, Mademoiselle, and Mav but of course, thanks to COVID-19 has slowed the business down. This also hindered focus on tasks that lost a bit of inspiration and creativity. Yet that didn’t stop him from creating melodies and is working as a producer making beats and also started working with his childhood friend Princely who lays his vocals on his beat. He also gave an inspiring message that in order to stay focussed, writing out the day to day plans will work out a lot. DJ Vin is nothing short of an artist, because why not, he is after all an artist. Talking about his family, he has Indian descendants and grew up listening to 2pac, The Beatles, and more, and thus Dj Vin developed a versatile taste for music. But Vineet’s life started taking a turn when he was attending Trent University for an undergraduate degree in the sciences. This is where he developed his fondnesses of DJing and shortly started playing at clubs and events all throughout Ontario. But sometimes, even the right places do not always quench the thirst of passion.

As DJing was not satisfying his creativity, Dj Vin discovered music production to help satisfy his musical appetite. As said earlier, with over 250k streams on Spotify alone, Dj Vin has developed his passion for a career with his unique sound which has caught the attention of listeners worldwide. When we were scrolling through his Youtube channel, we were kind of impressed with his unique sense of style of music. And it seems like his muse had been always his environment, vibing with different cultures, emitting a mixture of Classical Rock and Hip Hop.

We are now at a certain point where everything seems so unpredictable and uncertain, and every minute seems horrifying. But DJ Vin did not yet give up hope on the future and have plans to keep pushing music out of his system and to work harder to achieve the goals. As said before, he would continue to record more music with his childhood friend and shoot music videos to promote their upcoming singles. Guaranteed that one day he will inspire producers to work hard at their craft and to work with upcoming talented artists, and gift the world more tunes and chords. If you want to listen to his albums, head over to his Spotify list or his Instagram account to keep an eye on his latest and upcoming works. Recently, he has released a song named ‘Sorry Momma‘ on the occasion of Mother’s Day and it is about his friend Princely’s relationship with his mother. If you want to upgrade your playlist, then DJ Vin should be a part of it.

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