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5 Ways to Use Video Streaming to Maximize Learning



Many people believe that learning consists of struggles, challenges, and hard work. Indeed, studying in college is filled with hurdles. Daily lectures, academic papers, and other tasks can be tough to keep up with. But there are more pleasant yet effective ways to maximize your learning.

We bet that many of you are using streaming services for entertainment purposes. But have you ever thought about how to use them for studying? If not, you are missing out on a wealth of opportunities. In this article, an expert paper writer and educator from a popular college essay writing service will tell you about the top five ways to start using video streaming right now to maximize your learning. 

  1. Educational Channels and Courses

The most obvious way to use streaming services for academic success is to subscribe to educational channels and courses. Such channels will provide you with interactive and engaging learning materials that will complement your standard academic syllabus, help you discover new subjects, and find the needed information for your academic papers and essays.

Of course, educational channels and courses aren’t available on all popular streaming platforms like Netflix and similar. So here are a few education-centered services to try:

  • LearnersTV;
  • Gresham College Public Lectures;
  • Webcast Berkeley;
  • TED Talks;
  • M.I.T. World.

Also, you can find many educational channels on YouTube. And online learning platforms like Khan Academy and Coursera also offer a lot of great streamable content.

  1. Educational Films and Documentaries

Another easy way to stream videos and learn at the same time is to watch documentaries and other educational films. Such films are no less exciting to watch than entertaining ones. Besides, they are available on nearly every trending streaming platform.

If you aren’t sure what to watch, BBC, Discovery, HBO, Vice, and PBS are considered the best documentary film production companies of all time. You can look for their films on your favorite streaming platforms, and you won’t make a mistake. On top of this, currently, Netflix and Apple TV are also known for producing brilliant, thought-provoking educational movies. Be sure to check them out too!

  1. Collaborative Learning and Online Study Groups

Talking about streaming services, most people think of platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and so on. These and similar platforms are widely known as streaming services. But they aren’t the only ones. In fact, tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet are also streaming services.

All these tools come with live-streaming meeting features. That is, they enable you to connect with other people and interact with them in real time. Students can use this opportunity to organize virtual study groups. It has been proven that collaborative learning boosts engagement and motivation, thus, helping learners achieve greater results. So don’t hesitate to host online study sessions with your classmates. You can use them to write essays, complete group projects, and prepare for exams together.

  1. Foreign Language Learning

Knowing a foreign language has numerous benefits. It can be a significant competitive advantage in your future career. Besides, it can help you in your everyday life, especially when traveling. Not to mention that learning a foreign language is proven to boost problem-solving and cognitive abilities, thus, increasing your academic performance.

Streaming services can be very handy in terms of language learning. Whether you stream online lectures, watch an educational YouTube channel, or just enjoy a fun movie—you can always find content in a foreign language or with subtitles. This way, you will be able to watch something exciting and, at the same time, hone your foreign language skills.

  1. Motivation and Inspiration

Hitting books and working hard, of course, help achieve academic excellence. But that’s not all you need to study well. Experts claim that academic success is barely possible without sufficient motivation and inspiration. Without these two elements, your challenges in college might feel unbearable. And no matter how hard you work, you can end up dealing with burnout and excessive stress. Thus, finding and maintaining your motivation is crucial, and streaming services can help you with this as well.

On different streaming platforms, you can find plenty of motivational and inspirational content. It can include inspirational movies and documentaries, motivational speeches, and content on personal development. Students can use this content to get in a positive mindset and maintain motivation throughout their academic journeys.

The Bottom Line

Studying in college isn’t much fun. It’s associated with a lot of challenges. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t add a potion of fun to it. Different streaming tools seem to hide a wealth of educational benefits. With the help of these services, you can watch educational content and documentaries, learn foreign languages in an easy and fun way, and do many other things to maximize your learning.

Now you can use them not only for fun but also for a purpose. All you need is to find the best research paper writing service to make up for your current tasks and save time. And use this saved time to stream the right content and use other features of streaming services to gain new knowledge and attain the best academic outcomes.

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