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Kendall Jenner Declines Posting The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Photoshopped Photo!




The photoshopped photo of Kendall Jenner participating in the Black Lives Matter protest went viral. And here’s what she has to say about it!

Have you seen Kendall Jenner ‘s photoshopped photo of being in the protest? Well, apparently, she denies that she was in the protest. And we’re afraid but, it’s true. Read below to know exactly what happened!

Social media witnesses photos and videos getting viral every day. And many of the times it’s the photoshopped version of celebs. Hence, this time it’s Kendall who caught in the photoshop game. She has been called out by her followers. It first looked like it came from her own Instagram account but it wasn’t the case. So, here’s the photoshopped version for you to see and understand.

The full image speaks the true story!

This is the photo that went viral. People could be seen outraging her. However, Kendall is innocent when she says she wasn’t the one sharing it. The shadow of her could be seen in the back. However, at the same time, the board’s shadow couldn’t.

And how is that possible? Simple, it is photoshopped. Here’s the full view for you to understand better.

A few tweetarati, completely ignoring the fact that she was not present there, went on hating on her. But, a few true fans of the model jumped to save her.

Why is Kendall receiving hate?

The question anyway stays “Why is Kendall Jenner receiving so much hate on this? Even if she was in the protest, it could’ve been good, right?

Well, it is because the model has been called out for the Pepsi commercial she did back in the year 2017. Wherein, Kendall handed a police officer a can at a protest. And her wig to a black girl. And that showed racism. Exactly how Vanessa Morgan, the Riverdale alum said about black people shown as sidekicks.

Pepsi and Kendall both were hated for this commercial. People also were saying that they’d boycott Pepsi products until they don’t apologize for the commercial. Below’s the controversial commercial for you to see:

Was Kendall Jenner With Harry Styles In The Protest?

Well, to be precise, NO. However, Harry Styles indeed was in the protest with a bunch of his friends. Many videos and pictures went viral, just like Shawn Mendes went viral for being in the protest covering his face. Also, Cole Sprouse was arrested too. Hence, celebrities are participating in the protests too.

The model was called out and criticized earlier for being silent on the Black Lives Matter movement. And according to AceShowbiz, she was pulled in the matter by her ex Harry’s friend.

Harry, when joined in the protest, was with his female friends, and fans indeed did speculate if Kendall was with him or not. And hence, Harry’s friend, Amy Marietta, posted on her Instagram a few stories. Marietta wrote in her Instagram story – “And for those wondering if any of us are Kendall – no lol, she was not at the protest. She was looking for Pepsi”, calling out Kendall’s Pepsi commercial phase.

Image Source: AceShowTV

Image Source: AceShowTV

Has Kendall posted anything about Black Lives Matter?

Yes, the model indeed has posted about the Black lives matter protest and altogether about everything going on in this period.

Kendall not only talked about BLM, however, she also urged people to vote right people for the office.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner)

Kendall also posted the “Blackout Tuesday” image on her Instagram, tagging the official page of the protest and initiative “Black Lives Matter”.

Kendall, just like other celebrities and citizens, is shattered and her Instagram post proves that.

What do you think about this all? Tell us in the comments.

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