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Letterkenny 9: Season details and everything you need to know about it!

Melody Singson



'Letterkenny' Season 9: Release Date, Cast and Updates!

Letterkenny is a Canadian television sitcom, created by Jared Keeso, developed and written primarily by Keeso and Jacob Tierney, directed by Tierney, and starring Keeso, alongside Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, and K. Trevor Wilson.

What is “Letterkenny” about?

Originally a 2013 Youtube web series titled “Letterkenny problems”, it was commissioned to be a television series by Crave in March 2015 and made its debut on 7th February 2016 and later aired on The Comedy Network.

The show follows the residents, Hicks Darly(Nathan Dales) and Wayne(Jared Keeso), joined by his sister Katy(Michelle Mylett), and their friend Squirrely Dan(K. Trevor Wilson), who are found regularly on their farm or at their produce stand, and stereotypical hockey players Reilly(Dylan Payfair) and Jonesy(Andrew Herr) who are in an on-and-off polyamorous relationship with Katy and strung out “skids” Stewart(Tyler Johnston) and Roald(Evan Stern) who deals with drugs from their basement or are high from the use of said drugs, spend their time musing about life in a fictional rural town of Letterkenny, a small community in Ontario, loosely based on Keeso’s hometown of Listowel, Ontario.

Quirky, fast-paced, and jammed packed with snappy comedy and puns, the series won Best Comedy Series at the 5th Canadian Screen Awards 2017.

The first two seasons made their debut in the United States on 13th July 2018 on the platform of Hulu, while the sequent seasons made their appearance on 27th December 2018. Hulu then acquired exclusive rights to the series and future seasons in the United States.

What can you expect in Season 9?

LetterKenny Season 9: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Details -


Season 9 of Letterkenny premiered on Saturday, 26th December 2020 on Crave in Canada and on Hulu in the US subsequently.

According to indiewire, Season 9 of “Letterkenny” opts for the former with mixed results. Never has the show’s YouTube roots been more apparent than in the latest season, which feels much more like a series of largely unrelated vignettes than a cohesive collection of episodes. The season begins by wrapping up the events of the Season 8 finale.

“Letterkenny” still captures something rarely seen on TV, American or otherwise. It’s an accurate depiction of rural life, for better or worse. The loyalties and the gossip, the private dramas and the public blow-ups, the painstaking recreation of a way of life that is foreign to so many people, but familiar to so many of the rest of us. Letterkenny, the town, is both worse and better than your hometown.

Where and how can I stream “Letterkenny”?

To watch Letterkenny, you can try out a month-long free trial on Hulu. After the trial period, it is up to you to decide whether to continue streaming, if yes, you can subscribe to Hulu at only $5.99 a month. Alternatively, you can sign up on Crave for 7 days free trial for new users and a monthly subscription of only $9.99 a month after.


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