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Mortel Season 2: What’s the update on its The Renewal?




In another Netflix’s French-produced series – Mortel takes us on a journey of a group of French teenagers who are bound together by a supernatural force.

The show first premiered on 21 November 2019.

What’s Mortel about?

The plot revolves around three teenagers, two of whom have acquired superpowers after making a deal with a supernatural being in order to solve a murder.

Two teenagers, Sofiane and Victor, make a pact with a voodoo god Obé to allow them to solve and avenge the apparent murder of Sofiane’s brother, Reda. Sofiane is given the power by Obé to manipulate other people’s actions. On the other hand, Victor can read their minds.

As most of the powers come with great responsibilities, this one comes with a condition. The catch to the power is, both Victor and Sofiane must be present near each other for their powers to work.

They also enlist the help of Luisa, who practices voodoo with her grandmother. The idea was to be free of the grip that Obé has on them and banish Obé from the world eventually.

Photo: Netflix

What do critics feel about Mortel?

The show received a mixed reception from the critics.

GQ Magazine, despite some reservations about its special effect, praised the skill of the story-telling, the acting of the principal actors, as well as the soundtracks. It considered the show to be the best French series since the launch of Netflix and deserving of a second season. 

Telerama was highly critical, considering the series more laughable than a hit, and its music failed to hide its stylistic flaws.

Premiere thought the series veered awkwardly between teen drama and its supernatural elements but was nevertheless successful stylistically.

Based only on its first episode, the Decider found the series to be too muddled to continue watching a second episode.

Is Mortel due for Renewal?

In January 2020, Netflix canceled the series after one season. Sadly, there’s no Mortel Season 2 on the horizon.

And there are a lot of shows that have been canceled and later picked up and Fans are hopeful for the latter.

With that hope in mind, keep tuned it for the latest movies and TV show updates.

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