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Stargirl gives its streaming rights to The CW: Read more to find out!

Simone Singh



The superheroine show of the DC Universe has decided to give its streaming rights to The CW. The show which will be releasing its season 2 soon has given The CW the streaming rights. The show which was initially being aired on DC Universe channel has decided to terminate its streaming contract with the same.

Stargirl depicts the life of a teenage girl who relocates to a new place and ends up discovering that she has powers. Courtney, played by Brec Bassinger discovers that she has cosmic powers and can manipulate the stars and the cosmic staff. The life of the teenage protagonist changes, everything now seems wonderful yet frightening.


Stargirl’s season 1 aired on television in May 2020 and took a major take off. The viewers of the show have mainly been from the teenage and pre-teenage groups. The characters of the show have been able to strike a chord with the viewers and we’re able to make it enjoyable for the viewers.

Unlike any other superhero/heroine series, cosmic powers haven’t been tapped and a series based on a protagonist with such powers amused the viewers and the critics. The show has gathered acclamation for its humourous and light-hearted script. It falls under the category of teenage-drama series but has proved to be so much more. According to critics, not only is the show entertaining and funny it has depth to it as well.

The show casts Brec Bassinger, Luke Wilson, Amy Smar, Cameron Gellman, Trae Romano, Anjelika Washington, Jake Austin Walker, Hunter Sansone, Neil Jackson and Christopher James Baker. The cast of the show was excited to announce the renewal of the show for season 2. While the younger cast took to social media to confirm the news, many cast members have yet to publically confirm their presence in season 2.

Stargirl is based on a DC comic and the tv-series has taken its inspiration from the same. While there have been certain alterations done to the original script, i.e. the book story by the show’s scriptwriter. This left the fans surprisingly satisfied. They had to patiently wait after the announcement at comic con about the release of the new show ‘Stargirl’.

Ever since the release of the show, it has offered its fanbase sufficient drama, laughing fits and eyes popping, jaw-dropping punches. The twists and turns along with the actors acting skills have certainly got everyone talking about this show.

The creators of the show assured the fans that there wasn’t any bad blood between the crew and that of the people at DC Universe streaming site. The entire idea to shift the airing rights to The CW was to give the show a much wider and sought after streaming platform. Since the show has been promising so far, the producers at The CW were certain that it’ll do great for their channel.

There have been speculations by fans that the superheroes of other DC Universe shows which are being streamed on The CW may appear on Stargirl or join in for collaboration. Fan mails have been flooding The CW’s production office to arrange for an episode crossover between ‘The Green Lantern’ and ‘Stargirl’ or alongside ‘Arrow’. The celebrities playing the respective roles haven’t broached this topic nor have they been informed about the same as of now.

All the fans wish for during the quarantine period is to watch some of their favourite superheroes share the same screen at the same time. Do you agree with them? Comment below!

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