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Biomutant: Release date, Trailer, Gameplay and more!

Yash Mahendra



Fans of developer Experiment 101, a team comprising of veterans from the Just Cause series, and publisher THQ Nordic, will be happy to know that Biomutant finally has an official release date.

Here’s everything we know about Biomutant:

Release date

In a press release, THQ Nordic revealed that Biomutant will arrive on previously confirmed platforms – PC, PS4, and Xbox One – on the 25th of May.

As of now there’s no news of a next-gen version of the game coming out.


A nine and a half minute gameplay trailer that was released in 2020, can be watched below:


Biomutant puts players in a post-apocalyptic setting dominated by mammalian-like creatures. The Tree of Life is being corrupted by a toxic oil seeping up from the ground and affecting its five roots throughout the land. To add to the chaos of this natural disaster, the six tribes that made up an original enclave have split apart. Some tribes wish to save the Tree of Life, while others are focused on making their own way.

Player actions will shape how the story plays out. If a player sides with a tribe attempting to save the Tree of Life, it will negatively impact relationships with tribes opposing that goal and vice versa. The player will also have the ability to progress throughout the game without needing to ally themselves to one specific tribe or another and, in turn, avoid the inevitable bloodshed that follows.


Biomutant will play in a similar to other fantasy open-world Action RPG games like Breath of the Wild and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

The title uses a third-person perspective and allows for objectives to be tackled however or whenever the player would like.

The developers have made an active effort to balance the action so that players feel encouraged to switch between styles while they’re engaged in a fight. Players can fight with an arsenal of guns, melee weapons, and unique mutant abilities; the way they use these will vary based on the character and their loadout.

Character creation is an integral part of Biomutant. The height, weight, and other character traits will affect the gameplay long after leaving the game’s initial menus. A bigger, bulkier character will be tougher and do more melee damage, but they’ll also be slow and easier to hit.

Biomutant releases May 25, 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned!


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