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DC Titans Season 3 team “Planning” to begin working soon after Pandemic?




After the official confirmation about Titans season 3, from show co-creator Akiva Goldsman the DC Universe streaming service will start filming for season 3 as soon as possible. A gritty reimagining of the New Teen Titans comics created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Droidjournal is here to provide you with all that you need to expect and when can you expect to watch Titans Season 3.

A quick inception about Titans

DC Titans offset the dimness with humor making it a lot darker, and invigorating. Including a diverse gathering of characters with a twisty and convincing account, the show has become our ongoing fixation.

DC Universe’s Titans started off with a core cast of four characters: Dick Grayson, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy. But quickly, as the series continued,  the ranks of the titular super-team started flourishing.  The titular heroes returned for Titans season 2 under the banner of Dick Grayson.

Titans had first premiered on October 12, 2018, and had a total of eleven episodes. Season 2 started off back in September 6, 2019 with 13 episodes. For a full year and even more, Titans season 1 was cast on DC Universe and later on Netflix.


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How it led to Titans Season 3

While Returning to Titans Tower in San Francisco, Dick Grayson finally started training for the launch of Titans 2.0. The new Titans team was formed with the main characters as Rachel and Gar. They were further joined by Jason Todd, whose presence was upgraded from season 1 guest-star to a Titans season 2 regular.

The characters of Hank, Dawn, and Donna were each retconned to have been a part of Dick’s initial Titans team. This initial team also included the ill-fated Garth ( Aqualad). This served as the source of the conflict with Deathstroke. Titans Season 2 also saw the official introductions of renowned DC characters as Conner Kent, Rose Wilson, Jericho, and even Bruce Wayne.

  • With Gar and Connor brainwashed and unleashed upon a carnival, the Titans had no choice but to reunite in spite of Deathstroke’s vowing punishment and retribution. The often thrilling action ultimately led to the long-awaited emergence of Dick Grayson’s Nightwing persona. Unfortunately, it also led to the death of Donna Troy (aka Wonder Girl) and the departure of Rachel. Whether or not that is destined to stick, however, is just one of the many questions left hanging ahead of Titans season 3.


Titans Season 3 Release Date

As per the official announcement from DC Universe, Warner Bros, and from the show co-creator Akiva Goldsman, Titans season 3 is definitely happening. A concrete release date is yet to be announced since the shooting is getting delayed due to the pandemic situation as claimed by Goldsman in a video interview. The veteran screenwriter and showrunner, who are currently also working on a TV version of classic sci-fi book Ringworld,  along with producer Greg Walker hope to roll cameras as soon as the lockdown is over. He said:

“Everything is a bit slowed down, obviously. Season 3 is planning to go in front of the cameras as soon as possible.”


He voiced his frustration at the show’s shutdown but additionally confirmed the development of a script for the next year.
However, it is expected that Titans season 3 should launch sometime in Fall 2020.


Titans Season 3 Story Details

Dissimilar to the Titans season 1 finale, Titans season 2 figured out how to wrap up most of its overall plots. Deathstroke was crushed, the plots of Cadmus Labs were stopped, both of their indoctrinated partners were given back control of their own personalities, and the Titans were at last, authoritatively, joined as a group. All things considered, the Titans season 2 finale wasn’t with no stage-setting for what’s to come. After a period of Kory being partitioned between helping the Titans and managing her own familial issues, the last looks set to raise from more than the intermittent bother in Titans season 3. Particularly given that her deadly sister, Blackfire, was uncovered to have shown up on Earth and will be the Big Bad in Titans season 3.

Similarly, Rachel (otherwise known as Raven) was most recently seen deciding to leave with The Amazons and Donna Troy’s body – trusting her ever-expanding forces could help restore the fallen Wonder Girl. Dick Grayson remained justifiably wary. Fans, be that as it may, will no uncertainty tilt more towards being confident. With Donna’s demise esteemed disillusioning and superfluous, many might no uncertainty want to see her arrival. Also, given the insecure, every so often darker side of Rachel’s forces, it may be the case that Titans season 3 offers an immeasurably extraordinary Donna.

Toward the end of Season 2 of Titans, the main group of superheroes endured an extraordinary misfortune when Donna Troy yielded her life. In spite of her demise, the Titans regarded her and joined to continue battling as a group that presently included Nightwing, Superboy, Starfire, Bird of prey, Pigeon, and Mammoth Kid. With respect to Jason Todd, in the wake of everything that occurred in Season 2, he left Dick and the group, deciding to go off all alone. It’s as yet a riddle with respect to what Jason will do now, however, there’s unquestionably an intriguing choice.


Titans Season 3 New Cast

With Titans season 3 not set to air until one year from now, new throwing subtleties are rare. It’s normal, in any case, that as a pioneer of the group seen joined in the end minutes, Brenton Thwaites will return as Dick Grayson. Similarly, given the natural strains fermenting, Anna Diop will probably be back as Starfire. Those seen close by him will likewise likely return.

The action-adventure DC Universe filmed Tv series, Titans, stars-

Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), Kory Anders (Anna Diop), Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft), Gar Logan (Ryan Potter), Jason Todd (Curran Walters), Donna Troy (Conor Leslie), Dawn Granger (Minka Kelly), Hank Hall (Alan Ritchson), Rose Wilson (Chelsea Zhang),  Conner (Joshua Orpin)

Teagan Croft and Leslie’s flights are storyline-based and entirely transitory. Last observed deciding to not reconnect with the group, the status of Curran Walters as Jason Todd is obscure. Likewise, given that Jericho’s cognizance was most recently seen moved into Rose’s body, Chella Man may likewise be a returning nearness in Titans season 3. Damaris Lewis was moved up to a customary for Titans season 3, after her two appearances as Blackfire in Titans season 2.

What if the cast of Titans Season 3 splits?

Since the cast of Titans is as of now huge and incorporates two ages of superheroes, one progressively grown-up and the other more youthful, the TV arrangement could profit by parting the gathering into two. While fans shouldn’t expect Damian Wayne to appear in Season 3, Jason Todd could possess his job as an originator of the Youngster Titans. It would really fit with Jason’s turn of events, who could attempt to assemble his own group to equal Dick’s. As the more youthful Robin, he could approach enrolling newcomers Barbara Gordon and Ghost, just as his past fire Ravager and Raven, who left for Themyscira toward the finish of Season 2.

Titans Season 3 Trailer

As of now, no trailer has been launched, since the DC is still “planning” to work on Titan Season 3 upon the end of the pandemic. But we believe that the trailer is going to be as fabulous and energetic as season 2. Take a look at Season 2’s trailer.

Fans have been wrapped up in the DC tales so they will be pleased to hear that the show will return soon by fall of 2020. Season 2 concluded with a blast, seeing Deathstroke murdered, and Blackfire showing up on the earth, and crowds will uproar to perceive what Titans: season 3 brings. Stay tuned to Droidjournal to explore the best of DC superhero’s potentials.

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