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Is ”Eurovision Song contest: The Story Of Fire Saga” Underrated?




The recent  David Dobkin creation the “Eurovision song contest: The Story Of the Fire Saga” that was released on Netflix on 26th June, turns out to be a weird disappointment for most of its viewers. Here’s why.

“Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of the Fire Saga”  gives us an inspired and hilarious match between subject and stars, all driven by melodrama, over-the-top theatricality of the song contest makes an ideal stage for Ferrell’s brand of high-highs and low-lows, everything that can be expected from a Will Ferrell film.  It stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as a dreamy-doofus Icelandic pop duo called Fire Saga, who long to compete in (and win) the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s got mixed reviews; while some reviewed it by calling it as a bland comedy that has been stretched out, for no reason at all, to two hours and missed to hit the right note for comedy, for the few others it somehow managed to win their hearts!

the 2-hour flat comedy

And then, of course, there are the songs, from Lemtov’s “Lion Of Love” (with extremely homoerotic back-up dancing) to Sigrit’s climactic power ballad, which is the main points of interest for the spectators, pretty much all the songs are a toe-tapper. It’s good to know that the film doesn’t shy away from the recent Eurovision controversy involving Russia’s homophobia and clearly the film champions the competition’s campaign for inclusivity by delivering several LGBTQ cameos. But that message is somewhat dampened by the fact that nearly every speaking character is white while people of color serve primarily as window dressing. That’s hypocrisy by all means!


Putting all these together, it won’t be wrong to say that it couldn’t live up to the hype it had created and doesn’t quite capture the magic of Will Ferrell well enough for the critics and that it is not underrated! We’d really love to know your thoughts and visions regarding the movie and also it costs absolutely nothing to comment below so go right ahead!

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