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Outriders will be releasing in late 2020! Know more!





Outriders is a forthcoming third-person shooting game created by People Can Fly, a Polish producer, and released by Square Enix.

Release Date

Previously, Square Enix said Outriders would be out in the summer of 2020. But that deadline was pushed back after the game reappeared in February. It is scheduled to be released for Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Stadia in late 2020.


Players build their characters at the start of the game and select from four classes. Each of which has specific abilities that players can use. The four types include Trickster, which is capable of manipulating time, the Pyromancer, which is capable of manipulating power, the Devastator, which is capable of unleashing seismic attacks, and a fourth, but unrevealed.

Such unique abilities have a limited turnaround period, which can be paired for full impact with other abilities. The game features a skill tree that helps players to unlock and improve their abilities.

The game contains several role-playing components. When players advance, they can visit various hub locations, speak to unplayable characters, and complete side quests. Cuts the dialog tree causes the outcome of certain discussions to be determined, but it does not influence the development of the plot.

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The intensity of a shooter

Brutal and gritty action by OUTRIDERS incorporates frenetic gunplay, aggressive forces, and complex RPG mechanics to create a true hybrid genre.

A Dark and Miserable Day

Discover Enoch’s dangerous world as you head out on a quest toward the source of a strange signal.

Dynamic 1-3 co-op player

Play single-player or face up to two mates as you fight the dangers of a hyper-evolved world in drop-in drop-out coop.

For All Classes

Build and modify your outrider, and select from four exclusive classes to describe your play style, each with its skill tree.

Adapt and Scavenge

Customize and improve your Outrider with loads of mod-able weapons and accessories while you leave civilization behind.

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