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The Flash Will Face The Long-Awaited Major Villain Godspeed In Season 7




The Flash and his team have confronted numerous super-villains in six seasons. But one major villain from the comics is yet to face Barry Allen head-to-head, Godspeed. Although the villain has already been introduced in the 5th season when a false version of him attacked Barry’s daughter in the future and Reverse-Flash came to her rescue. The real Godspeed is going to show up in the seventh season as the main villain.

The sixth chapter of the show had to conclude its season on the 19th episode due to COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing measures couldn’t allow the filming of remaining episodes to continue. The incidental finale of the sixth season has already left viewers with lots of questions as to what lays in reserve for Barry in the next season. To add to this, The Flash showrunner has confirmed Godspeed’s appearance, although vaguely, when asked about it: “Yes, you just might… Because that’s where we’re going!” The patience of fans is getting thinner after finding this out!

Who is Godspeed? How powerful is He?

Godspeed is different from all other speedsters, including the Scarlet Speedster, Barry Allen. He has the ability to separate other speedsters from their connection to their speed force. In the process of separating a speedster from the speed source can kill the speedster. As Barry’s speed is on a decline, Godspeed is faster than him already. Godspeed chose evil over the good to channel his super-strengths.

Fans are happy about the fact that Godspeed’s costume from the comics is totally unaltered in the show. Creators sometimes try to add their touch to the comic-book appearances of characters, which mostly leaves the fans disappointed. Luckily Godspeed is untouched.

There’s quite an intriguing story of Godspeed in the comics, but much is left to guessing when it comes to his path in the live-action show. Season 7 is expected to roll out sometime in 2021.

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