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Amazon’s Crucible: Detailed hands-on experience Preview!



Amazon’s Crucible, the video game that is expected to be Amazon’s great achievement, launched its digital event recently in May. It allowed gamers to give a try on the game, giving them a clean hands-on experience. After playing the game, the experiences are reported by a few gamers which will be detailed in the article. The developer, Relentless Studios, has done an enormously smart work in this free-to-play shooter game. Though the game is said to have resemblance with Overwatch, Call of Duty: Warzone, and the Valorant, the game is unique in its own way.

The gameplay and characters:

This competitive shooter is played with the team that is usually referred to as ‘hunters’. And the players will have to fight with AI-commanded monsters all across the game map. The result of killing the monsters will lead to winning the reward called ‘essence’. By collecting the essence, the players will eventually reach higher levels simultaneously gaining the path to new tiers and characters. Also, passing a few tiers will reward stable upgrades while others offer a different one. And the player can choose the upgrade while starting the game.

It is inevitably important to kill the enemies but for winning AI monsters and unlocking the skills will show up the power of your team, i.e the heroes’ power.

The Modes of the Game

This shooter provides three game-modes for playing the game. The first mode is ‘Harvest Commander’. This is quite similar to the Battlefield. In this mode, 2 teams with 8 members each will have to compete to take control of the Harvest. The longer a team holds up the harvest in the map, the higher the points hit that team. Also, the team that gets 100 points, will win the match.

The second mode is ‘Heart of Hives’. This mode is quite different from the first. Here, a giant spawns on the map. The players as a team should work with unity to gain control of the giant’s heart. The team that gains 3 hearts is declared the winner.

The third mode is ‘Alpha Hunters’. This is simply the Battle Royale mode of Crucible. Here, two players in 8 teams battle with each other, and the team that survives till the end wins. Also, an upgrade is installed where single-players who lost their teams can team up with one another. This will make the game lively and interesting.

Apart from these, there’s a casual mode which is quite a usual one. Here, the players just while playing, eventually solicit to a larger group to evolve as a staunch shooter patron.

Importance of Teamwork

As we saw about the gameplay and modes, the game involves a lot of teamwork and the correct choice of hunters to pass a tier. Characters that are wielded with shields and higher lives will have a good run in stable reward levels and so on. Also, every team will have to choose every type of hunter while playing the game. By this, at some point or the other, every player comes into the importance and no one is left behind. This balanced gameplay among the team is definitely a worthful upgrade.

About PvE

In Crucible, the PvE seems to either be exaggerated or still a little incomplete. More than gaining essences and controlling the harvests, the PvE doesn’t come much into play. Also, the NPC enemies can be fought with ease and are mostly found to be farmed. In such PvE’s, there is a compulsion more than a difficulty to bypass. Only the upcoming upgrades will let know if the PvE’s are reformed.

Talking about microtransactions, things like character skins, new drop pods, sprays, and also extra pieces of lore needs to be unlocked with the currency of the in-game. The various ways to get the currency is not yet mentioned in detail, though.

Overall Experience

Crucible, the free-to-play shooter is fun to play the game with a lot of happening in the game. Just like other MOBA games, it is competitive, challenging yet a fun vibed game. In the game, there’s very little possibility for the players to feel left out from the team.

Just like the MOBA shooter Paragon, which seemed to be quite similar to other shooter games, it’s shortcoming releases were a big fail and it found it very difficult to make ends meet in both the markets. There is a small chance for Crucible to fall in the same trap.

But of course, on the other hand, the game is definitely worth a try and when it streams from May 20, the gamers and shooter fans should definitely give it a shot.


Currently pursuing my UG in Computer Science. I am on the verge of creating my own portfolio in photography, music, and blogging. This ever-smiling me believes in optimism and a positive energy that keeps us going on and on! :')

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