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J.K. Rowling’s Comment leave Harry Potter fans nowhere! Read to know more




In a time of the pandemic, the outrageous Black Lives Matter movement, and the cherry on the top, June is the month known as Pride Month. This is dark times for Harry Potter fans as J.K. Rowling gave out an alarming comment on anti- transgenders, which people all over the world are calling out drama. She posted a 3000 words essay on her website on Wednesday regarding her comment.

Rowling tweets are brutally mocking the trans people out there. She tweeted on Saturday a thread of tweets which were her mocking an article for inclusive use of trans words. She wrote alongside the link of the article, ‘people who menstruate. I’m sure there is a word for those people. Someone help me out? Wumben? Wipmund? Woomud?’

What are the reactions of Potterheads?

Her tweet received a lot of criticism, backlashes, accusations of being a transphobic, even the star of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe wrote in an essay that transgender women are women. To which Rowling responded in a long essay to all the backlashes and accusations. The Potterheads are feeling lost and betrayed. A lot of them feel disillusioned with Rowling’s statement. She has been problematic over the years, but this time it is different. It is worst for trans and nonbinary Potterheads who idolized Rowling for over the years but her expressing anti-trans attitude is really making them question their fandom and love for Harry Potter.

Recently, HBO Max announced the Harry Potter spinoff series but now the fans are no longer excited about it. Perhaps they want to settle the anger and dust for now. Warner Bros might hold the franchise and will continue with the three upcoming Fantastic Beasts movies. Rowling’s anti-trans comment must be reckoned soon or later and the decision has to be taken by the Warner Bros.

While you’re still processing the problematic comment of your favorite author, stop and reflect, while you are at it please support and donate to few organizations that help the transgender people and their community.

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