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Meet The New Face of R&B and Hip-Hop, KriSean Woods and His Recent Single “Rendezvous”




People say that kids dont end up being the person they wanted to be. The goals, ambitions, dreams, and even personality changes on the way. But seems like the millennial pop artist, KriSean Jaivonta Woods, a.k.a KriSean Woods proved everyone wrong.

KriSean is accustomed to the stage since he was 7. Thats when his love for R&B and Hip-Hop sparked. KriSean was born in Rome, Georgia, and migrated to Montgomery, Alabama, where he was raised and spent the majority of his youth. Woods later returned home to Atlanta, GA, to pursue his burgeoning music/acting career.

So how did KriSean start his wonderful career? It all started with a simple musical project. What pushed his career further was his first collaboration with Star Search Tiffany Evans. When 2020 was topsy-turvy for everyone, KriSean’s life started taking a better turn.

The overwhelming love he received from friends and family was like energy to him, propelling him towards the next level. You can only anticipate more from KriSean Woods, who lays mischievously naive love lyrics over R&B rhythms lushly somber to soul’s rich past.

Well, it’s not like he had so much knowledge about music beforehand. His experiences over the years gifted him much talent. KriSean learned from various artists while working with him on the field. Woods inspirations are Usher, Trey Songz, Eric Bellinger, Jacob Lattimore, and El Dabarge.

Talking about his work, let’s start with “Energy”. It is a smooth, dreamy new mid-tempo R&b bop that fans love. He once duly commented about the song, “Energy is really in everything nowadays, so I was creating something that everyone could relate to.” Next comes the recently released “Rendezvous”. KriSean doesn’t restrict himself within any particular style. So that his audience will get to hear every side of his. This way you won’t get bored with his playlist. Thats how an artist grows. Thats how music is meant to be cherished.

When it comes to family and support, he was extremely lucky in that department. His parents understood his love for music and encouraged him throughout the process. But do you know KriSean also has his hands on modeling and acting? Yes, you can say he’s truly multi-talented.

If you are a pop-music freak, then KriSean is just for you. Add him to your playlist today. And you will get his music on YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.


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