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Moroccon songwriter Hassan Composer on the world of music and his latest single “Mirror of my soul”



Shakespeare duly wrote, “If music is the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die.” And this cannot be stressed enough. Music encourages us to associate with our spirits or genuine self. It gives us the cosmic pleasure we need whenever we feel lonely at the end of the day. And the greatest gift a music composer can get is the immense appreciation from his/her/their audience, and a forever love in their hearts. That’s what Paris settled Morocoon songwriter Hassan Composer thinks. Undoubtedly, Hassan is an amazingly skilled musician who has been forming his style engrossing distinctive melodic impacts. He has this magic wand that stitches various chords and tunes together, resulting in the precious compose we keep locked inside our hearts.

Hassan studied Music Theory at the Arab Music Conservatory, which gave him the required sensible and natural artistic instinct. Back in 2002, he joined the orchestra in the Moroccan Arabic song. Even though born in the beautiful city of Casablanca, Paris’s landscape inspired him to create interesting and iconic compositions.  You could go on with the adjectives to describe his songs; one says it’s timeless and exotic, and the other says inspiring. It is a great pleasure to talk about him as a person and also a composer. Real music has no boundaries, and some artists have the gift of incorporating in their composition sonorities and sounds from many different styles, genres, and cultures. This is the real beauty of music, free from stereotypes and limitations. Therefore, thanks to artists such as Hassan Composer, we can appreciate the powerful encounter among some of the most beautiful musical heritages mixed.

Talking about his recent release, Mirror Of My Soul has decided to stay within our hearts forever. The responses have been positive, and many shared that this song made them smile and cry at the same time, obliging them to be reminiscent of their long lost love. It is a subtle amalgamation of modern Western and Arabic music, which has been directed by Said El imam. The music is massively therapeutic and is your companion on lonely days. Also, how can you even ignore the graceful moves of the dancer, adorned in black? The list goes on with In Your Eyes, My Life Fore Her, The Voice Of The Sky, In My Heart, etc. With a total of 25.4k followers on Instagram, his fans can’t wait for his future full-fledged albums.  If you are wondering how come his stage name is such quirky, he answered in one of his interviews that his childhood love for music made him choose such a name. His neighbors and family pushed him to take up music after they spotted his potential.

Concluding with his future endeavors, Hassan composer promises to bring more Moroccon flavors into his music and with a lot of surprises. So, subscribe to his youtube channel and Spotify playlist so that you don’t miss out on his soulful music, marking his identity on the pages of chords and tunes.




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