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Othercide: Release Date, Gameplay and Features!





Humanity’s last chance, lead the army to battle, use an initial Dynamic Timeline Model, in a complex game of incredible acts and counters, and face formidable bosses in epic combat. The launch date for the forthcoming tactical horror RPG, Othercide, was announced by Indie developer Lightbulb Crew and distributor Focus Home Interactive.

Release Date

The revised launch date was announced in a new teaser, which also includes game-based gameplay, a distinctive neo-noir style of art, and several playable vehicles. Othercide will be available on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 28.


Player units and opponents are placed on a square grid and battling each other, in XCOM-style. The game with its Interactive Timeline Model adds certain originality to this recipe. It is similar to a revamped initiative scheme, but sooner or later the next turn of each unit will arrive, based on how many Action Points they use during their current turn.

The game is both white and black with red highlights. The effect is startling and entrancing; it very much adds to the overall mood of the game.


Lead, adapt and honor your daughter’s army

Taking your Daughters’ army into combat with all the abilities you can pick. Your fighting prowess will determine their destiny, shape its skills and personality. Make the hardest move and lose one to save another-the winners will be stronger, able to face the next war.

Creatures outsmart nightmarish in a brilliant strategy RPG

Suffering is not going to be defeated effortlessly. Dread superiors, the origins of misery taken from the greatest sins of mankind against themselves, will interrupt the advance.

Endless combat possibility of the dynamic timeline plan

The Complex Timeline Structure means that it is as important as where and when it is. Fighting is an elaborate ballet of dazzling acts and counters: to prepare ahead of time and to build up amazing chains of abilities to outsmart the opponent.

Broad and deep mythology back eons stretching

The Daughters are those that stand before pain and death, reflections of the greatest hero to ever live. Their roots will be revealed, the cause for Suffering, and how the Red Mother will try to remedy it all – until it’s too late.

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It’s all very cryptic and Freudian and when it’s published at the end of this month you can look forward to learning more about the game’s history.

Nemesis: Distress, a new horror multiplayer version of the Nemesis board game, has been announced in other horror gaming news by Indie developers Ovid Works and Awaken Realms Digital.

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