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The Politician Season 2 – Everything you need to know!




the politician season 2

After a very successful Season 1 and official album of The Politician, Netflix is ready with its originals- The Politician Season 2. This is one of the giant creator Ryan Murphy’s creations that is set to hit the platform by Mid-June. Here is the detailed account of The Politician Season 2.

The new season will deal with Payton [Ben Platt] running for State Senate. However, we did not receive any trailer as of now. But the series was already renewed and updated last in September 2019. It is a known fact that Netflix usually takes a lot of time to release a second part in any originals. But The Politician Season 2 is a happy exception. The series was created as a two-season order.

What about the cast?

creator Ryan Murphy

The cast remains the same with minor variations. Daryl Edwards will continue playing J.Tank Brown. Ava Eisenson as Riva Mandel, Krystin Goodwin as Tiffany Albrecht, and Sandra Landers as Anna Whitcolm will adorn the screens. Brad Falchauk is directing this season also. He will be accompanied by David Petrarcha who has already worked in Game Of Thrones.

When is the release?

As mentioned earlier, the new season is set to arrive in the middle of June. When asked about the timely release, Ryan Murphy says: “We were lucky enough that we finished filming and editing right before the coronavirus thing happened. We have seven. We have finished all our episodes.”

In a chat with Collider, “The stakes are high because it is for a New York race. I love it because it’s about a lot of things, but it’s just pure fun”, says Ryan.


Ben Platt who plays the lead as Payton said- “ A lot of it is in the practicality of showing up to work and having someone four feet away from you and pointing a camera in your face as opposed to walking into a large room with lots of people sitting and listening to you. And particularly in this show, the writing is so verbose and heightened- it’s so reminiscent of the theatre that I felt very much at home.”

What is the storyline?

The Politician deals with a central character striving to become The President of the United Nations. Season 1 dealt with Payton contesting in his high school elections and season 2 will deal with Senate elections.

When asked about season 3, Ryan replies calmly, “As for season 3, What I would like to do is take a couple of years off and have Ben Platt get a little bit older for his final race”, indicating the ultimate Presidential race.

If you are yet to watch season 1, hurry up now and witness a comedy-drama that received a brilliant response from the audience.

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