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Timothy Olyphant as Cobb Vanth in The Mandalorian Season 2?





Timothy Olyphant officially will be starring in the star-studded cast of The Mandalorian Season 2. Olyphant will play Cobb Vanth, a self-appointed sheriff living in a Tatooine settlement called Freetown. This character was first introduced in three brief interludes in the Novels written by Chuck Wendig. His story is told by three different narrators, who recount how Cobb protected Freetown and cut a deal with the Tusken Raiders.

What can we expect Timothy Olyphant to play in this series?

Deadwood and Justified Star is formerly a slave who freed himself at some point during the Original Trilogy. Vanth acquires a chest that is full of old Mandalorian armor from Jawa scavengers. This armor is strongly predicted to be Boba’s old armor. That remained of the bounty hunter after he was swallowed whole by the Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi. Also its discovered that Olyphant did indeed shoot scenes in Boba Fett’s old armor, suggesting that it’s the sheriff who made a cameo in the season 1 episode “The Gunslinger” and not Fett himself.

The books suggested he was wearing Fett’s armor, and surely this sets him up for an encounter with the bounty hunter himself.


But what will this return Indicate?

But with this return of Timothy Olyphant, some questions need to be answered. If Olyphant has his armor, will Boba Fett come looking for it? After possibly surviving being slowly and painfully digested, what condition would Boba be in? Is it possible Boba’s dead and Morrison is only returning for flashback backstory scenes? We’ll find out this fall when The Mandalorian returns to the streaming service.


When is the expected Release?

Many industries are forced to shut down because of this current Pandemic. But this show seems to have a cover already!!. Filming on the show is all complete, which means the series won’t be delayed by the current health pandemic. Post-production work like VFX is being completed as a matter of fact. Disney’s CEO Bob  has confirmed that season 2 of the Star Wars TV show will not be delayed. Since production was completed pre-lockdown. Which is itself a good news!!!

Cast and The Expected Plot this Show.

Disney+’s The Mandalorian will star Pedro PascalGina CaranoNick NolteGiancarlo EspositoMing-Na Wen. Carl WeathersEmily SwallowOmid AbtahiWerner HerzogTaika WaititiBill Burr, and Mark Boone Jr. star.

The Mandalorian season 2 will focus on the search for “the Child” – aka Baby Yoda’s – home. As in the season 1 Finale the Mandalorian Armorer on Nevarro tells the Mandalorian. That because Baby Yoda is a foundling “By creed it it is in your care”.  She then also adds by saying that, “You have no choice, you must reunite it with its own kind“.  However, the Armorer didn’t have any information on where he might find them: “This you must determine,” she teases.

So it will be interesting how this Plot will amaze fans and how this new character as Timothy will rule fans and this show. Till then stay tuned for more updates!!



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