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A Day With Ero Seagull: Talking About Career, Music And “Doin’ Our Game”!




For days, we had been planning to have a chit-chat with the emerging heartthrob Ero Seagull. It was a bright sunny day and we zoom called her with a cup of coffee in the hand. A bright smile appeared on the screen and it just made our day. The conversation was candid and funny, and those few minutes were quite refreshing. To start with, let’s have a quick introduction to Ero Seagull and know a bit about her.

Ero Seagull is an Athens, Greece-based Canadian/Greek artist who launched her first Evolution LP with Amour Records and EMI Universal. Music is her hobby and she has given her first inventions a great deal of time and commitment to present them to you. The album consists of eleven songs composed and recorded at The Cave Studio and the Studio Future Great during 12 months in Athens, Greece.  It is rendered by Ero Seagull, Dieselbytes Supreme, Marilena Orfanou, mrpc (Afrocream,) and Ekelon and Selini which has been engineered and perfected altogether. She has collaborations with amazing artists such as Leon Rhymes from So Many T’s and SWIM (Marilena Orfanou) in her LP.

Now it’s time we share snippets of our conversations a few days back on Zoom. And let’s just say we were so glad that she is safe and healthy till now.  For starters, we should let you know that Ero Seagull introduced us to her first single “Doin’ Our Game” in a very raw, honest, and vulnerable way.

Hello Ero! Your name sounds like a hero, where does it come from?

Ero: Haha! My name comes from a priestess of Aphrodite Ero in Ancient Greece. It was also taken by Shakespeare and named one of his heroes Hero in Much ado about nothing. The name was also found in Norway if I remember well and it means “the one and only,ever-powerful”.

Interesting! So you studied in Bretton Hall in England, what were your studies?

Ero: I studied Dramaturgy and Theatre Studies but I was always having a break in a black Yamaha a piano that was in the music room and no one was occupying. I could not understand how it was always available but I surely enjoyed it.

You also published a book. What is it about?

Ero: It’s my story. Something I went through. “Ero and the remembrance” is a trip in a nutshell. A trip of my life with fortunate and unfortunate moments that got me where I am. I am not good at selling it I guess, you caught me unprepared, I need to think about pitching it. But it’s a sci-fi that’s a real story.

We will check it out! You are full of surprises, we listened to all of your tracks so far and now also listened to your single Doin’ Our Game and honestly we can not categorize you. You have developed a musical style that draws on a range of influences and genres spanning hip-hop, pop, early post-punk. How has this worked for you so far?

Ero: To be honest Music is about a feeling you gotta go by this feeling in whichever way it gets you. You gotta follow the sound. I allow myself freedom. So far so great! I have an inspiration and with the help of my friends we turn the inspiration into songs.

In Doin’ Our Game for instance, I had a melody in my head then I went to write the lyrics and I call my bestie Dieselbytes Supreme and he’s like this can go pop-punk so we had a rehearsal where the guide was created and sent to Ekelon who’s engineering/mastering the track. I sparkled the idea and Dieselbytes took it to another level.

So what is it about?

Ero: My best friend Anne-Marie read my book and called me to say that she hasn’t read a book like it and that I had to make a song about this decade of decadence. So it’s about the years that went, mainly in uni. It’s about the 90’s and 00s and their carelessness in our roaring 20s. Doin’ Our Game is a very personal song because it talks about the highs and the lows. We lived like rock stars but this had a downfall. It also talks about how time is real but it’s unreal too because we are programmed to forget and adjust to new realities. What I used to consider a reality has changed so much throughout the years. And I must admit life gets better and better, it’s a song that is been sang to my future kid when ze is old enough to understand it.

Love it! Who are behind the track?

Ero: It is featuring Celestial. Guitar-Producing Dieselbytes Supreme. Bass Dimitris Georgopoulos. Piano Dimitra Apostolou. And Ekelon mixing mastering.

Any last thoughts?

Ero: I would also like to thank the crew for the video clip, the rollerbladers Giota Kaouki, Anastasia Katsikopoulou, Vefi Valsam,i and Sofia Argyraki and my brother Antony who’s a director, and my sister Myrto who was the DOP.  They woke up at 5am for the shooting. I have never seen such a willingness for a goal to be achieved. A big bravo to everyone!

Something you’d like to tell our audience?

Ero: I would like to say, stay tuned for more is coming! Create, live the moment, each moment is a new start and we are the possibility of everything! All the best! Thank you for having me!

So that was it. We literally felt sad after we ended the call. But we are grateful and took out time for us. Hence, she deserves a bit shoutout. Stay tuned and check her new clip Doin’ Our Game!


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