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The Office: The Recipe Of The Greatest Shows of 2000s



The Office is an American mockumentary sitcom television series that depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. It aired on NBC from March 24, 2005, to May 16, 2013, lasting a total of nine seasons. The show is inspired by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s award-winning comedy (BBC series) of the same name. There are 2 schools of thought as to which one is better. Obviously, it is still not settled.

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The story of The Office is told through the lenses of the documentary film crew. Over its journey, The Office exposes the humorous and often foolish journey of an average American workplace.

Photo: Alpha Coders

Dunder-Mifflin tackles tough subjects like company layoffs, diversity initiatives, health care, office alliances, office romances, differences, and exceptional experiences off an ordinary workplace. Anyone who has ever worked in a “team” environment can appreciate the humor and suffering of the Dunder-Mifflin staff and The Office.

Was it The Combination of Characters in The Office?

Michael Gary Scott, a sincere boss *winks* leads the documentary team and his staff on a journey through inappropriate behavior. Michael might not be the best manager or most sophisticated man but has the best intention for his staff.

After all, his staff is almost everything he has for a family. Michael is oblivious to the fact that his staff only tolerates him because he signs their paychecks. On the contrary, he believes himself to be their ‘guru’, their mentor, and their cool friend.

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Dwight Kurt Schrute III, a salesman and the assistant [to the] regional manager at Dunder Mifflin. He doesn’t like to brag but he also holds the trophy of “Best Salesman of the Year”. Dwight prefers to be described as Hardworking, Alpha Male, Jackhammer, Merciless and Insatiable.

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Additionally, he is a bed-and-breakfast proprietor at Schrute Farms, a beet plantation owner, and an owner of the business park in which Dunder Mifflin exists. He is notorious for his lack of social skills and common sense, his love for martial arts, and the justice system.

James Duncan “Jim” Halpert is the likable guy from the Office everyone adores. Jim is the master prankster in The Office. With a big head on his body and less of the courage, Jim struggles through career, relationships, and future.

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Pam Morgan Beesly is the cute front office beauty which is not apparent by the Michael Scott angle. She is also a close aid to Jim in all their pranks. Additionally, she is shy, growing assertive but amiable, and artistically inclined and is romantically involved with Jim.

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Ryan Bailey Howard is a bright temp but can’t keep up with it. We’ve seen him both skyrocket and rock-bottom almost simultaneously.

Photo: Alpha Coders

Honorable Mentions: Andrew The Nard-Dog Bernard, Darryl Warehouse Philbin, Stanley Sudoku Hudson, Kevin Cookie Malone, Kelly Perfect Hair Kapoor, Erin Giggles Hannon, Angela Catwoman Martin, Toby HR Flenderson, Oscar Intellectual Martinez, Phyllis Bob Vance and of course Creed “Who Knows”Bratton.

The Pranks

The Office often encounters light gags every now and then. Life is somewhat dull at the mid-sized paper company ‘Dunder Mifflin’. To keep up the tempo, all the employees indulge in pranks in some way or the other (except Mike of course and not by choice). The beauty of pranks done in The Office is that it’s not one way, many times the pranks backfire resulting in equilibrium. Check out the top 10 pranks of all time


The Halpert And Beesly

Jim and Pam’s relationship started off as a gang to prank Dwight and Michael. The cameraperson from the documentary crew picked up that both of them have deeper feelings for each other. The love story started with Jim having a crush on Pam but she was engaged to Roy from the warehouse. Then, Pam kissed Jim after having one too many drinks at the Dundie Awards. With all the hiccups along the way, they made it.

The British Version is Better Than The US Version?

Again, this involves two schools of thought. Do you prefer Steve Carell’s lovable buffoonery, or Ricky Gervais’ take on a mean-spirited boss? There is no definite way to establish which awkward comedy reigns supreme of both.

Except, with Steve Carell as the world’s worst boss, it turned out to be a groundbreaking and original comedy in its own right, with a dream team of eccentric employees lost in the cubicles of Dunder-Mifflin.

It was looser, riskier, and more ambitious than the U.K. version, not to mention warmer – Carell’s Michael Scott wasn’t hateful, just a moron.

No, We’re Not Over The Removal of Steve Carell

From “World’s Worst Boss” to “World’s Best Boss” we all grew to love the character what Michael Scott is. All the characters signed an agreement with the production, Carell moved on with the show after 7th season while others signed on.

The award-winning show has a long list of stellar talent. But, it was led by the comedic genius of Steve Carell. The Office continued on for two more seasons, but his departure left a hole for both viewers and castmates encountering a steep downfall in the user ratings as well. The show bids “World’s Best Boss” adieu with heavy hearts. Dunder Mifflin was never the same.

It was put forth that Michael didn’t pursue the contract because he wanted to take his comic career forward. Well, not according to the book The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s. The book claims that according to sound mixer Brian Wittle and hairstylist Kim Ferry, Steve spilled during a BBC interview that he might leave after season 7 because the final year of his contract was looming. Even still, Brian explained that, behind the scenes, he hadn’t made a definitive decision yet. But when NBC executives didn’t make a valiant effort to get Steve to stay after his comments surfaced and made headlines, he was pushed to exit.

Did John Krasinski Really Waer Handmade Wig to sets?

Anyways, Carell time to time expresses that his decision to leave the show has been a positive one and he has joked about it being a mistake but the actor really thought it was time to move on from The Office before he “got too comfortable”.

Carell After Quitting The Office

Steve has been doing good after leaving the show on many of his new adventures and career as in comedy.

All Updates on Jack Ryan Season 3

And Hey! Do check out Carell’s band new venture Space Force. Imagine Michael Scott in a workplace only a four-star general instead of a regional manager and a space station instead of Dunder Mifflin and free rein to develop a program that would give the United States complete dominance over space with a team of scientists and astronauts.

Checkout Everything About Space Force

One of The Best Cold Opens? Try THE BEST!

Awards And Recognition

The Office is one of the most critically acclaimed TV Show ever made. The show went on to win and get nominated for plenty of Emmys, Golden Globes, and others. More than that, they’ve won the hearts of million of viewers. Here’s a glimpse of 2006 Emmys:

Photo: Pinterest


The Little Reunion

Mike wasn’t invited to yet another get-together? No, not this time.

Fans were thrilled when two of The Office’s main stars reunited over video call recently to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the show.

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