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Germany’s inspiration, UTE says “To be patient is the greatest challenge for me”




Nothing should stop you when you are dreaming big, not even your physical complications. The fire is within you, and it is always upon you whether you will let the fire ignite or extinguish in times of struggle. It is upon you whether you will make the weaknesses your greatest strengths. And Germany’s emerging and inspiring music composer,  Ute Schönherr, decided to overcome her hurdles and win the race. Always smiling and swaying to the music, UTE has gained a huge fanbase along her journey. Most of her childhood has been in doubts and thoughts about her future and identity in the world. At the age of 4, UTE discovered her love for music when she used to groove to the songs her parents listened to. And there was no looking back since then. “I love to sing in our garden or on stage or in the studio. The power of music gave me no other choice but to become a professional singer.”, says the singer-songwriter in an interview. Yes, the power of music- the same power which procured her the official stage name, UTE. The name owes to the fact that the English audience might find it difficult to pronounce and remember as well.

The music composer got her style from her producer Kurt Wipfli, a Grammy award winner. It was definitely not a one-day thing, but the constant polishing and brushing up of the tunes that made her albums reach such heights. Both of them look for songs with a strong message in the words. UTE believes in the notion: “Less is more”. She keeps in mind that her compositions are clear, smooth, soft, relaxing, and not exaggerated.  The companions are saxophone, the electric or acoustic guitar, and the cello. Each of them stands for a solo instrument as well and they perfectly underline the emotions. UTE and her melodies are definitely not a thing to be boxed but rather celebrated in the open. Her anthems are irresistibly infectious and distinguishable. But here comes the thing, how can you hold yourself amid the growing fame when someone tries to pull your morals down? Don’t worry, she got her superpowers. She’s self-assured in her dreams and doesn’t let any of the doubt get there, not even when she argued with her father for many years over the direction she was taking in her life. She is influenced by the world around her, from people, nature, and all the things that are happening in her life. Bearing her soul in every track, her songs serve as the perfect journey through the mind of an artist with a lot to say.

Recently, UTE got her documentary filmed which has been named Music Makes Me Fly and the official trailer is already out on Youtube. When one watches the trailer, the individual won’t have anything but respect and love for the person. And that’s what brought her 1 million followers on Instagram. The documentary captures her day to day life experiences, and a great way to motivate individuals with physical complexities. It will be available on Amazon Prime Video. It was produced by Pulsar Records and Mutt Productions with a matching soundtrack. If you still haven’t watched the teaser, get a glimpse below.

Talking about her music, her current single release is Happiness Together, written by her producer friend Kurt Wipfli and for a movie named Teenage Girl – Valerie’s Holiday by Mutt Productions, which will revolve around the bullying culture we face everyday everywhere. If you are having a bad day, tune to this song and you will get an instant dose of positive vibes and a good mood. It also reminds us to unite in the tough times we are currently in. It has been a wildly successful worldwide hit, even reaching over a million streams on Youtube alone. The softly soothing anthem is the perfect love soundtrack to anybody going through the trials and tribulations of human relationships.

If you believe in destiny, then by now you would have already understood that music was in her fate and her ultimate destination. UTE knew that only music composition can help her establish her identity in the world and leave a mark in the world. She ain’t overconfident but definitely proud enough for who she is. She makes sure she gives her best to everything she does that will leave her no regrets. There is another single coming out this November- Santa Is Knocking At My Door. So, don’t forget to keep an eye on that. UTE gives a great message that one should believe in quality over quantity, especially on the road to success, and always keep in mind who was there when you were low and helped you reach the stars.



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