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Mafia Trilogy: Release Date, Trailer and More!




Mafia Trilogy is an action and adventure mixed third party shooter game that is undergoing a remaster in its series. This series is being developed or rather remade by 2K and Hangar 13. It is confirmed through some official sources that the game’s re-release will consist of all its 3 parts (Mafia 1,2,3). And this version will have some advanced features and visuals from the original. This game will have its appearance on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

Release Date and Trailer

The remake is anticipated to have its release by the end of the year (2020). From here, the situation turns to be befogging. The reason being, the details of the game are let out quite early and there is a lot of news that is floating in the public which is not yet officially announced by the developers. But of course, I can rest assured that these details will soon turn into an official one. 

Also, the trailer is attached below:

The second and third games, Mafia 2 and 3 are said to have a remaster and not a remake. When it is said the version is remastered, it means there is only an upgrade in the visuals. And the remaining features wouldn’t undergo much of a change or improvisation. A leak from the Microsoft Store revealed the release date of Mafia 2 to be May 19, 2020. And hence, Mafia 3 can also be expected around the same time.

Other Details

Also, the leaked footage of the game gives the viewers an idea that this game might be a clean remake of 2002’s Mafia and not just a renovation in the visuals. And, if the trailer and other details including the leaked release date are real, then the gamers can with surety expect a way better version of the Mafia 3 that released in 2016.

It is also reported that the upcoming game title will have enhancements in the underlining storyline and other features and this revised version is called Mafia: Definitive edition. The vintage vibe, the compelling narrative, and the powerful characters were the best features in the original game. But one con was that the story jumped from one story to the other quite frequently that distracted many gamers. It didn’t have any important side activity as well. Also, from this, we can judge with ease that the remade version is going to attract a lot of gamers as the developers will inevitably work to remove the troubles and replace it with a good feature. The game is also expected to catch a limelight position in the gaming industry after its release.

Also, a few rumors at present say that the remake version of Mafia will release in the mid of the year (say August). So, talking about the release date, it’s still a confusion but otherwise, the news holds good.

So, all set to play the remarkable remake of Mafia Trilogy?

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