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Party Royale coming to Fortnite!




Fortnite has been a famous Battle Royale amongst youngsters for a few years now. Every now and then Fortnite features new themes in the game.


Recently Fortnite added Deadpool mode in-game. Then they featured Travis Scott (our one and only highest in the room) concert in the game which was a huge success. Now they’re coming up with more of group activities in the game where you can play more mini-games by keeping your weapons behind.

Papaya Island:

As we saw some news leaks that Fortnite is going to launch an island in the game where players can come together and play non-violent games. This party royale is going to be a limited-time event. As we can see on this tweet the map is featuring a lot of things like skydiving, glider challenges, and races that take place both on foot and in vehicles. There’s even a soccer ball shown, which teases some sort of minigame based on “the beautiful game.”

What will be new in Papaya Island?

Also, there will be nine new communication emotes specifically made for Papaya. These emote will include waving your hand, sitting down, shaking your head no, an affirmative nod, clapping, cheering, calling players over, pointing at objects, and waving your phone. Other than this there will be a new Operation payroll that will be added in-game. It kind of similar to overwatch where two or more players come together and play missions while they can change their roles and they can also use new tech abilities.

When this update will come?

There are no announcements dropped by epic games yet. Papaya island and operation payroll when they will drop nobody knows. Epic recently teased “a couple more surprises” when they extended their second season of chapter 2 from April 30 to June 4. Stay tuned for more upcoming news.


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