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Valve’s Artifact to include Single Player Campaign




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After being put on a hold last year, it seems Valve’s Artifact is being revived. But with a feather in a cap, the online TCG is coming back with a single-player campaign.

Officially launched on November 28, 2018, Artifact was Valve’s first brand new video game in years. Despite huge esports potential, the title fell victim to many issues. The digital trading collectible card game was criticized for its mechanics in obtaining new cards, which were dangerously on the brink of pay-to-win. A plethora of other ill-implemented gameplay elements drastically led to the reduction in online numbers in Artifact. Luckily, Valve acknowledged the critical issues of the game, announcing a full-scale reboot of Artifact. This version is now being slowly revealed. The initial news on Artifact 2.0 appeared about a month ago.

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Echoing the likes of other CCGs on the market, Artifact will receive a correct single-player campaign full of an enticing story. It’s a significant step faraway from simple comics, which were wont to set the unfolding events within the game’s universe before. The way armor works within the game has also been simplified. A single point of injury will cost one point of armor, which can be refreshed at the beginning of the subsequent round. Unlocking cards should even be easier within the revived Artifact. The progression system will include all the gameplay modes, including the newly revealed single-player campaign. While the reworked Casual matchmaking will put together players with similar unlocks. Competitive play, on the opposite hand, will remain skill-focused with an upscale sort of custom decks players might encounter.

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It looks just like the much-needed hiatus has paid off for Artifact. Most of the weak points of the first release are tweaked and glued. It’s possible that the remaining ones are going to be addressed during the upcoming beta. Hopefully, a change for the unfair RNG system also will be considered. It was sometimes frustrating to ascertain how unexpectedly it affected comprehensively built strategies. That said, it’s inspiring to ascertain that Valve hasn’t abandoned the sport. Despite an extended period of silence that angered fans, it is ultimately doing its best to live up to the community’s expectations.

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