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Why 13 Reasons Why is obsessed with Deaths and Suicides?




13 Reasons Why concluded recently after making terrific guesses on why Hannah died for four seasons. Deaths and Suicides form the central plot of the show. It was not the same as the book though. While the loss of characters is devastating, Clay’s psychological stress is not justified. The ghosts of the past continue to haunt the Liberty High School students. Why 13 Reasons Why is obsessed with Deaths and Suicides? Scroll down to know more about the deaths and suicides in 13 Reasons Why.

Why 13 Reasons Why is obsessed with Deaths and Suicides?

13 Reasons Why ran for four seasons and Netflix was its confident home. The story starts with Hannah’s death and she explaining the 13 important reasons why she chose to end her life. She explained the reasons by recording them in tapes that pass on from one person responsible for her death to another. Our show starts with Clay, a good friend of Hannah receiving the tapes. Each season witnesses deaths and suicides alongside teenage experiences in high school, how unsympathetic the school environment was for the newcomers.

What are the reasons for the Deaths and Suicides?

‘13 Reasons Why’ starts with Hannah’s suicide. She cuts her wrists unable to cope up with the betrayal and bullying. Her death leaves her parents in tragedy. Clay began to witness psychological issues with himself. So why do you think, 13 Reasons Why deals mostly with deaths and suicides? The answers are multi-fold. One, Hannah is guilty of herself, hurt by her friends’ betrayal acts. Two, the bad guys need to be taught a lesson and must know what bullying feels like. This particularly happened with Tylor. Three, Hannah wants to seek justice for herself. Four, deaths are the only way to make people never forget her. By recording her life in tapes, she wishes immortality for her life story.

Jeff’s Death

Jeff is not what others label him. He is pure, he is good at heart. So after the party, Hannah and Sheri were driving back home. They accidentally crashed Jeff’s car. While Hannah protested against Sheri, Sheri did not listen to her requests for calling and reporting to the cops. So Hannah has to bear with the guilty of murdering such a nice guy Jeff. Ultimately, she cannot. Jeff’s death cannot be justified at all. He did not deserve to die such a fateful death.

Alex’s Suicide

Why 13 Reasons Why is obsessed with Deaths and Suicides?
While Alex has a hand in Hannah’s suicide, he seems to be repenting it. That’s why he picked up his father’s gun and shot himself. Of course, he is guilty but somehow, his friends helped him to come out of suicidal thoughts. Certainly, he has to pay for the mistake he did but not this gruesome. Alex betrayed Hannah by covering up his relationship with Jessica. Skye also cuts herself so seriously that she had to be admitted to the hospital. Again, she recovers from the stress with the help of professional help. Why 13 Reasons Why is obsessed with Deaths and Suicides?

In the end, Alex is happy, ready to start a new life, go past his high school graduation to enjoy his life. Skye also fixes her path towards her goals, not much to put before the screen.

Monty and Bryce Deaths

Bryce is the villain of the entire story. He brutally rapes Jessica and Hannah. But he seems to be coming out of his dreadful practices. Bryce wants to rebuild his life, reform his conduct, replenish his heart with good memories, and so on. But fate has other plans for him. He is murdered giving a share to Hannah’s justice. Why 13 Reasons Why is obsessed with Deaths and Suicides?

Why 13 Reasons Why is obsessed with Deaths and Suicides?
Monty is difficult to identify. We always see him through other’s eyes. We need to know who he is actually. Not to mention, he suffers a gruesome death. Monty’s life is similar to that of Bryce’s. So we don’t have much to sympathize with him. While these deaths cause relief from pain for many characters, inevitably, Jessica and Alex are faced with shame and guilt.

Justin’s Death

It all started with Justin, so it ends with him. This is logical but seems to be beyond Hannah’s control. Justin deserves his fate. But we need to note that he dies before rebuilding his life and repenting for his mistakes. The characters have correct destinations. So now the team of Liberty High focuses on the after-graduation life.
Life becomes new to them. Clay will start living his dream, Hannah’s parents would lead a much better life. Marcus and others would rebuild their lives and whatnot. The series thus ended, so our concerns too. Why 13 Reasons Why is obsessed with Deaths and Suicides?

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